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January 29, 1979 12:00 PM

On the Cover 64

Michael Learned wanted off The Waltons, but she left tearful and grateful that Ralph Waite beat booze, Ellen Corby is recovering from her stroke, and actors she loves are carrying on

Up Front 20

Iowa Gov. Bob Ray is a five-time winner, but does he have the fire to be President?

Tired of Moscow nights (and days), Christina Onassis moves her marriage to Paris

Lillian Rogers Parks spent 30 years as a seamstress at the White House; now her memories of Presidents she knew are bound for TV

Guerrilla leader Joshua Nkomo hopes that “throwing a few stones” at the other fellow will lead to majority rule in Rhodesia

In Style 33

Take back your mink! Eric and Jean Flaxenburg suggest a sheepskin coat

For a Song 36

Weather Report is jazz-rock’s high-pressure system

Arts 42

A storm of protest buffets Robert Berks, who sculpted Albert Einstein with (head and) feet of clay

Bio 49

The Incredible Hulk’s daddy is dandy Stan Lee, head man at Marvel Comics

Jocks 60

The world’s strongest woman, Jan Todd, gives weightlifting a handsome new image

Happy 70

Talk about hot tubs—a Munich man takes baths with Maxi, a six-foot alligator

In Her Own Words 72

It didn’t all end with Bogie, says Lauren Bacall, who tells of the woman behind “The Look”

Adventure 77

It took only two months and a slender bankroll for Richard Wrigley to go around the world twice

In Trouble 82

Though fired by the President, Bella Abzug is out again but not down

Couples 87

Ex-sports groupie Marjie Wallace gives up the circuit for millionaire producer Michael Klein—and the baby she’s expecting

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 9

Sally Struthers movingly plays the mother of a deaf boy in TV’s And Your Name Is Jonah

The Sportsmedicine Book should help keep weekend runners and tennis players in competition and out of traction

Singer Phyllis Hyman—a fave of Stevie Wonder and Barry Manilow—goes public

Star Tracks 57

John Updike stages a coup

Teddy Pendergrass plays a hospital

Billy Carter is no Hollywood Square

David Frost goes Abba-dabba for Agnetha Fältskog

Tennis whiz-kid John McEnroe earns his stripes

Art Buchwald and Leroy Neiman dance cheek-to-cheek

People Puzzle 81

Chatter 90

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