June 04, 1979 12:00 PM

On the Cover a 94

Will Cheryl and Jackie miss Kate Jackson? Probably not, but Charlie’s departed Angel and husband Andrew Stevens have heavenly plans for movies and babies

Up Front 28

Apocalypse Now—finally—comes to a reckoning in Cannes, and director Francis Coppola finds the natives less than friendly

In the aftermath of the Karen Silkwood decision, her parents tell of their long ordeal

Supermodel Cheryl Tiegs’ estranged husband, Stan Dragoti, faces a serious drug rap in Frankfurt, Germany

All of Poland is spiffing up to give John Paul II a welcome fit for a Pope

Bio 41

Sixteen years as Peking’s prisoner haven’t eroded Sidney Rittenberg’s commitment to the People’s Republic

Host 53

Restaurateur Jacky Ruette and his maître d’ sail the gourmet course to France

Medics 63

Pediatrician Douglas McKay knows how to baby a tiger too

To the Top 71

Disco’s first queen, Gloria Gaynor, survives Summertime and a back injury to rule the charts again

Happy 77

Professional laugher Ann Shalla has guffaw, will travel

In His Own Words 83

Deaf lawyer Lowell Myers of Dummy fights for all who inhabit his silent world

Lookout 90

Jewelry designer Susan Berman

Ballet dancer Patrick Bissell

Party 93

It’s an elegant party with music, son et lumière for Lincoln Center’s 20th birthday

On Stage 104

Broadway’s Sweeney Todd slit man, Len Cariou, sharpens his blade for this weekend’s Tony awards

Couples 106

Lucian (Dress Gray) Truscott and Carol (Cheap Chic) Troy are the new darlings of the literary set

In Style 115

John Ingraham and Gary Mortimer are parrot purveyors to Hollywood

On the Move 121

Denis Thatcher is the new man at 10 Downing Street—and its first-ever First Gent

Out of the Pages 125

Angela Ambrosia has grown up in the shadow of cancer, but never let it darken her life

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 12

Bob Hope welcomes the Village People to his TV special

Both Erica Jong and husband Jonathan Fast have new books; hers is poetry, his a novel

Bad Girls is no breakthrough for Donna Summer, but it is super disco

Sophia Loren, James Coburn and O.J. Simpson bite the artistic dust in Firepower

An intriguing series on the life and work of F. Scott Fitzgerald opens on public radio

Star Tracks 59

John Warner gets roped into double Dutch

Karl Lagerfeld trades gossip with a fan

Ricky Schroder is Sara Stimson’s champ

Linda Ronstadt backstages the Roches

Helen Hayes gifts Lady Bird Johnson

Mayor Jane Byrne meets a tiny fiddler

People Puzzle 112

Chatter 128

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