May 14, 1979 12:00 PM

On the Cover 61

He’ll miss Somers, Ritter, Dewitt and Three’s Company, but Norman Fell has a new lease on life with his young third wife and The Ropers, with Audra Lindley

Up Front 32

Author Linda (Love Signs) Goodman lost her lover and her daughter, but is convinced the stars promise their return

One of the freed Soviets, Georgi Vins, looks back in anger on the homeland he still loves

Marvella Bayh keeps her rendezvous with death—and wins heartfelt high tribute for her gallant struggle with cancer

On Taxi, Tony Danza acts like a boxer, but he sure doesn’t box like an actor

Arts 45

No man but himself can choreograph dance’s driving, driven Eliot Feld

Bio 49

Al Coury has the Midas touch as the label chief for the Bee Gees, Clapton, etc.

In Style 67

Seamstress Beverly Red invented “Vegimals” and hats mad enough for Mark “Bird” Fidrych

Teacher 75

Sascha Gorodnitzki’s pianists are prize-winners, but the maestro always sees room for improvement

In His Own Words 81

In the booming art market, auctioneer John Marion spots bargains for collectors

Host 91

Arkansas wildlife gourmet cook Billy Joe Tatum can turn a rattlesnake into a canapé

Off the Screen 96

Actress Janet Margolin survives a bumpy 17 years from David and Lisa to Last Embrace

Out of the Past 100

Mother’s Day founder Anna Jarvis never meant it to turn out like this

Happy 103

Hotelier Newton Cope picks a decorator—and a bride—in Lee Radziwill

Out of the Pages 110

Viet vet Tim O’Brien upsets John Cheever and John Irving for the National Book Award

Couples 112

Mickey Rooney has “I do” down pat, but in his eighth marriage—to singer Jan Chamberlin—he’s leery of “I love you”

To the Top 119

Little Gary Coleman of Diff’rent Strokes has a borrowed kidney, but a hit show that’s all his

Lookout 124

Cartoonist Kevin Fagan

Parachutist Cheryl Stearns

Sequel 130

Like her laconic father, Gary Cooper, Maria Janis prefers her pictures to speak for her

Stage 134

It’s not a bird or a plane or you-know-who—it’s trampolinist Marco Canestrelli

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 12

Robert Conrad reprises The Wild Wild West in a TV week that also features Johnny Cash, Chevy Chase and Dean Martin

Bob Dylan and Marilyn Monroe get exploited in new rip-off books

Not so leathery or nearly so punkish, singer Suzi Quatro returns in a pop-rock vein

Laurence Olivier, Robby Benson and Keith Carradine star in stinkers

Star Tracks 107

Jerry Brown and Marlon Brando harangue

Prince Edward is not amused

Annie’s dog Sandy upstages his understudy

Princess Caroline’s hubby gets his kicks

Robin Williams plays Carnegie Hall in drag

People Puzzle 116

Chatter 136

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