By People Staff
Updated April 09, 1979 12:00 PM

On the Cover 106

John Travolta put her up in his pad when she came to conquer Hollywood, and now, with ABC’s smash Angie, Donna Pescow has—including actor boyfriend Mark Harmon

Up Front 32

With Patty married, Randolph gone and her family scattered, Catherine Hearst tries to start a new life alone in Beverly Hills

John Louis Evans III may be the first American to be executed since Gary Gilmore

Now that Margaret Trudeau has published, the question is, what famed reputations will perish?

The Rev. Jesse Jackson tells black students it’s time to stop alibiing and start working

On Stage 47

Kevin Conway gets an “A” for effort in PBS’ The Scarlet Letter and raves as the doctor in the Broadway-bound Elephant Man

Bio 51

In the whirlwind of the tax revolution, economist Arthur Laffer and his Curve are at the vortex of controversy

Couples 65

Judy and Mike (B.J.) Farrell leave the madness on the M*A*S*H set; at home they can teach us all about how to be parents

Arts 71

Gallery owner Lee Witkin finds dealing in photographs a snap

In His Own Words 78

CBS founder William Paley talks about Lucy, Ed (Murrow), Freddie (Silverman), the Cronkite succession and his irreplaceable wife Babe

Happy 91

On the verge of matrimony, First Convict Willie Carter Spann, Jimmy’s nephew, looks back on his path from Plains to prison

To the Top 96

Lawyer Paul Curran draws a ticklish assignment: probing the Carter peanut business

Medics 101

Dr. Richard Moriarty and his ugly pal Mr. Yuk scare kids away from poison

In Style 104

Avant-garde artist Colette is a riddle wrapped in a mystery of parachute silk

On the Move 115

Bankruptcy and a bitter divorce from Berry Gordy’s sister are both purged with Marvin Gaye’s brilliant new LP, Here, My Dear

Lookout 128

Auto racer Kyle Petty

Drummer Mayra Cassales

Jocks 131

The world’s best boxer? Sorry, Ali; it’s Panama’s Roberto Duran

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 10

Perry Como and Cheryl Ladd will soften up the ABC audience for the 51st Oscar awards, with Johnny Carson presiding

A new movie book, Flesh and Fantasy, includes asides about Clark Gable’s breath (bad) and Spencer Tracy’s disposition (worse)

George Harrison’s latest LP is typically cheery, atypically dull

Comic Albert Brooks films a parody about documentaries, or is it a documentary about parodies? Anyway, it’s funny

People Puzzle 122

Star Tracks 125

Cardinal Hume has a bash at squash

Mick Jagger goes calypso in Trinidad

Talia Shire and Richard Jordan find love

Cheryl Ladd muddies her image

Kenny Rogers is no gamblin’ fool

Quinn Cummings & Philip McKeon dude up

Chatter 134