By People Staff
Updated March 26, 1979 12:00 PM

On the Cover 118

Retirement in the desert with affable Jerry suits her fine, but Betty Ford demonstrates she still has a way with peppery opinions about family, fame and finances

Up Front 36

Miss America’s life on the road is a hard one, but Kylene Barker’s smile never quits

On a mission to China Treasury Secretary Blumenthal makes a sentimental journey to his boyhood home in Shanghai

Ex-POW Bobby Garwood is coming home from Vietnam. Is he the last of the missing?

New Hampshire publisher William Loeb savages a presidential candidate again

Jocks 49

The New York Islanders’ Mike Bossy is off to the fastest start in hockey history

Couples 55

In suburbia, of all places, actor Alan Arkin and author wife Barbara Dana lead a life of creativity and yoga

Spirit 61

From Episcopal schoolboy to Catholic priest to Orthodox Jew, Abraham Carmel’s life has been a religious odyssey

In Trouble 65

Jaycee President Barry Kennedy defends his organization’s right to keep out women

In Style 69

Stars looking for that touch of class rent their antiques from Hollywood hustler Mark Slotkin

For a Song 79

England’s Dire Straits is rock’s hottest new band—and greatest misnomer

Bio 84

Far beyond the fringe, Jonathan Miller celebrates The Body in Question in print and on TV

Inventors 95

Harold Holden traps crooks, counts cattle and tracks birds with a photographic breakthrough

Arts 99

ChoreographAlan Arkin is coming, 55 Béjart’s pleasure is watching audiences scream out in pain

Adventure 102

Blind botanist William Muir explores the Minnesota wilderness by touch and smell

Off the Screen 104

Penny Milford’s career is doing better than her relationship with Richard Gere: She got an Oscar nod for Coming Home

On the Move 109

After 50 years on the road, gospel’s Dixie Hummingbirds still sing the Lord’s praises

Lookout 114

Harvard editor Sarah Chace

Baseball mogul David Hersh

Sequel 117

Once the Easter Seal boy, Russ Miller became a hometown hero

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans 20

Richard Thomas and Julie Kavner play a retarded couple in a TV movie No Other Love

Like its site, Ron Rosenbaum’s novel Murder at Elaine’s tries too hard to be chic

No, the Bee Gees’ new LP isn’t called “Sunday Night Fever,” and it’s a mixed bag that doesn’t compare to their ’78 smash

In a mostly rotten bunch of movies, Glenda Jackson, Kathleen Quinlan and Beatrice Straight all go down in flames—or tears

Star Tracks 75

Skier Ingemar Stenmark hits the beach

Begin and Sadat team up for a poster

Tom Ewell runs a-fowl in Houston

Tommy LaSorda is put through the hoop

Charlie Chaplin’s the Sixth Jackson

Liv Ullmann claims a kiss in Philly

People Puzzle 88

Chatter 128