July 31, 1978 12:00 PM

4 Mail

13 People Picks & Pans

24 Up Front

Social director Carmen D’Alessio stocks Manhattan’s No. 1 disco, Studio 54, with the chic and the beautiful

Ted Kennedy Jr. goes to sea at 16, but on the staff of a Mediterranean cruise ship

Soccer king Pelé preaches love around the world, but that hasn’t helped save his own marriage

Tax rebel Howard Jarvis finds a drunk-driving arrest can be a nasty proposition; he gets off, but Jane Russell didn’t

An Algerian millionaire becomes his sister’s keeper after having her kidnapped from her husband in Canada

38 In His Own Words

Author and reporter Theodore White looks back on 39 years of wars and Presidents

43 Medics

Microsurgeon Harold Kleinert has made a medical specialty of reattaching severed arms

46 Star Tracks

The Miami Dolphins’ newest recruits: Flipper and the Starbrites

Chess champ Viktor Korchnoi

Victor Mature is still “the hunk”

Betty Talmadge runs for Congress

Marlon Brando seeks Indian roots

Papa George Hamilton

52 Bio

Charles Hamilton knows the autographs and documents that are worth a fortune

60 To the Top

Mme. Monique Ritz runs the grand hotel that gave the English language an adjective

64 In Trouble

A Colorado farmer and his neighbors face a plague of grasshoppers—on top of other problems

66 Off the Screen

Forget the rumors about Olivia Newton-John and Grease co-star John Travolta; she’s back again with her manager-boyfriend

70 Adventure

Arlene Blum leads an all-woman U.S. team of mountaineers in a new assault on Annapurna

72 For a Song

Gerry Rafferty follows Baker Street from Scottish seclusion to No. 1

74 Sequel

Forty years after Hollywood, Luise Rainer’s blues are in her paintings

78 Lookout

Magician Brian Strohm

Ceramists Wendy Jones and Pamela Hale

80 People Puzzle

83 Spirit

Preacher Arthur Blessitt has carried a giant cross not just up a hill but 17,000 miles

87 Teacher

Tom Carvel is a master of soft ice cream and hard sell

91 Couples

Comic Robert Klein and opera singer Brenda Boozer make an odd coupling in almost perfect harmony

94 Chatter

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