July 24, 1978 12:00 PM

4 Mail

12 People Picks & Pans

20 Up Front

Undercover reporter Scott Keeler finds life among the Moonies is all smiles and unanswered questions

Miz Lillian and Billy take on Cousin Hugh in a Carter family political feud

Her past a nightmare, her future uncertain, Patty Hearst endures her time behind bars

Singer Joan Baez gives Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov a personal performance of We Shall Overcome

33 Arts

James Galway is the pied piper of pop and classical music with his magic flute

37 In His Own Words

Eugene Theroux, American businessman in Peking, says the Chinese are tough but honest traders

47 On the Move

British actress Lesley-Anne Down goes from the proper world of Upstairs, Downstairs to Hollywood sexpot

61 Medics

Podiatrist Richard Schuster keeps runners on the road even when they have a pain in the foot

65 Off the Screen

Her five years of isolation—and her marriage to Steve McQueen—now over, Ali MacGraw roars onto the comeback trail in Convoy

72 Jocks

Spain’s newest bullfight star is an 18-year-old señorita, Maribel Atienzar

76 For a Song

After 15 years on tour, Bob Seger is Detroit’s new rock monster maker

78 Couples

Last Convertible author Tony Myrer’s wife, Pat, is his agent too

83 Star Tracks

Sylvester and Sasha Stallone

Monacan merrymakers Suzanne Somers, Alan Hamel, Paul Anka and Ringo Starr

Ilie Nastase’s racket

Charles Manson

Arthur Godfrey

86 Teacher

Allie Ritzenberg is the pro to know with the Washington power-tennis set

90 Bio

Why is TV’s hottest producer a nervous wreck? Because, says Aaron Spelling, the Farrah-type stars he creates are ingrates

94 People Puzzle

98 On Stage

Bob Fosse’s protégée Ann Reinking has moved out and up to her second Tony nomination and her own club act

100 Chatter

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