December 25, 1978 12:00 PM

Mail 6

Picks & Pans 21

Some big names tell what they liked and loathed among the books, records, movies and TV shows they sampled in 1978. Then the Editors get a shot

The 25 Most Intriguing People of 1978 40

Pope John Paul II takes vigorous charge

American beauty Lisa Halaby crosses over into Jordan and becomes the light of Hussein

G. William Miller ramrods the Federal Reserve Board and tries to talk the U.S. out of a recession

Vice Premier Teng prods China into a great leap all his own

Pretty baby Brooke Shields grows up to a graceful 13

Princeton’s Melvin Gottlieb moves toward energy by fusion

Baby Louise Brown stirs up a tempest in a test tube

For the Reverend Jim Jones, 911 lives was the price of immortality

John Belushi brings back the belly laugh

President Carter reflects on a year of triumphs, disappointments and Amy

Jim “Crazy Legs” Fixx shows other authors his heels with a book on running

From Laverne and Shirley to Mork and Mindy, these are happy days for TV super-producer Garry Marshall

Climber Arlene Blum reaches for the heights on Annapurna

Howard Jarvis, the godfather of tax revolt, says Proposition 13 was only the beginning

Miss Piggy reveals how she balances love and a career

Luciano Pavarotti goes pop, if not yet platinum

Cover girl Cheryl Tiegs tries to get her TV image in focus

In rock, it was the Year of the Meat Loaf

Knighthood notwithstanding, no-frills flyer Freddie Laker shuns the highfalutin

Nancy Lopez scores golf’s best rookie year

Hollywood comes down with a hot case of John Travolta fever

Resorts International chief James Crosby is betting on Atlantic City

John Irving is out of academe and onto the best-seller lists with the unforgettable Garp

Queen of Disco Donna Summer cleans up (her act)

His critics won over, Burt Reynolds takes his biggest risk: liberating his sensitive side

Sequel 116

Of all the fascinating folks who peopled the pages of PEOPLE in 1978, find out what happened to Grace Slick, the running mother of quads, actor Cliff Robertson, astronaut Anna Fisher, comic Richard Pryor, Olga Korbut nd many others

Who Says 129

Tatum badmouths Dad, Capote notices shrinks, Steinem rates bosses—and more wise comments from 1978

Losers 132

A change in image is what Leon Spinks, Lee Majors, Firestone bigwheel Richard Riley and the year’s other down-and-outers need. So says Political Prankster Dick Tuck

Gallery 137

Ten famous photographers focus on their favorite subjects, from Nureyev to Elton John

Influential Americans 143

What 25 Americans will go down in world history? From past and present, author and professor Michael Hart makes his pick—and don’t expect Ralph Nader

Personalities to Watch 150

Tube: Josh Mostel tries to outgross Animal House, Stockard Channing is tickled pink with a single-girl series, and Ellen Travolta turns disco mama

Song: Tanya Tucker goes rock, Evelyn “Champagne” King bubbles, and Devo manufactures weird rock

Arts: Luis Valdez zoot suits onto Broadway, Hildegard Behrens is the next superdiva, conducting’s new big stick is Calvin Simmons

Screen: Ryan O’Neal and Barbra Streisand are sparring (and starring) partners, Robert Redford gets lit, Hollywood has Draculas in its belfry, and Star Trek blasts off again

Jocks: Sugar Ray stalks the title and little Andrea Jaeger chases Tracy Austin

Pages: Joe Heller uses his new novel to bop Kissinger; yes, Lauren Bacall found life after Bogart; journalist Shana Alexander takes up the case of Patty Hearst

Style: Todd Ricci revives the heel; Marsha Akins crowns the hat

Anniversary 176

Pollution is 100 years old, but Erma Bombeck discovers that nobody wants to help celebrate

The Year of ‘Grease’ 183

PEOPLE’S own High School Yearbook: what 15 celebs were really like in high school—creeps and big shots included

People Puzzle 188

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