November 13, 1978 12:00 PM

On the Cover 38

Are authors Kitty Kelley and Stephen Birmingham writing about the same woman in their new books on Jacqueline Onassis?

Up Front 44

For Cardinals coach Bud Wilkinson, pro football proves a tough field to tackle

A renovated Bella Abzug is now losing pounds rather than elections

Charlie’s last unwed Angel, Jaclyn Smith, marries actor Dennis Cole

Adventure 51

Tish Davis and Ginger Cox wanted a slow boat to Alaska, so they rowed their own

In Her Own Words 55

Want to fall out of love? Therapist Debora Phillips tells how difficult it can be

Over the Tube 61

Unknowns Marlene Ricci and Mark Holden hype for a crack at stardom

Host 67

Nine great chefs fete Marie-Louise Point, grande dame of French cuisine

In Style 73

Ellin Saltzman spends $350 million a year on clothes—and hates shopping

To the Top 77

Orville Redenbacher is both purveyor and promoter of gourmet popcorn

On the Move 85

You’re overage, Shaun Cassidy! The new dream teen is Leif Garrett

Arts 91

The liveliest legit art in America is Bruce Hoheb’s King Tut replicas

Bio 102

The Fugitive is reruns only, but actor David Janssen can’t slow down

Sequel 110

Bing’s only daughter, Mary Frances Crosby, sparks a family fuss with wedding plans

Jocks 114

His face was shattered in a game brawl, but Rudy Tomjanovich is smiling again

On Stage 118

Blues great Alberta Hunter comes back at 83—and Memphis honors her

Medics 121

Dr. Margery Blackie uses some unorthodox cures, but Queen Elizabeth isn’t complaining

Off the Screen 124

Comedians Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong are high on success after Up in Smoke

Spirit 131

Father Bruce Ritter battles Times Square’s sex merchants for runaway youths

Lookout 136

Body musician Joe Wright

FBI instructor Christine Kaporch

Happy 142

Len Silverfine thinks huge—in flags and USC card sections

Couples 145

Jazz guitarist Larry Coryell and writer wife Julie outgrow the ’60s in the suburbs

Mail 6

People Picks & Pans 13

Mary Tyler Moore turns serious—and scores—in a TV movie, First You Cry

Laurie Colwin’s novel Happy All the Time is delightfully short on bitterness and despair

Chuck Mangione’s score for The Children of Sanchez is another triumph

Liv Ullmann and Bergmans Ingrid and Ingmar make a masterpiece, Autumn Sonata

Mirrors and Windows is an exhibit that casts some light on trends in modern photography

Star Tracks 95

Steve Martin wines and dines the Muppets

Frank Sinatra helps a hospital—His Way

Lee Strasberg’s masked cape-r

Gregg Allman gets frisked in Florida

Barbara Walters’ Wiz-bang evening

The Oak Ridge Boys storm London

People Puzzle 138

Chatter 148

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