September 18, 1978 12:00 PM

On the Cover 88

Her rookie year over, Cheryl Ladd cuts a Top 40 single as Charlie’s restless Angels try out new wings

Up Front 28

America’s top criminal lawyers pick six colleagues they would trust with their lives—Racehorse Haynes, Jo-Anne Wolfson, James La Rossa et al

Gov. “Big Jim” Thompson brings Illinois’ First Baby home to a Victorian nursery

Texas feminist Sarah Weddington takes over as the voice for women’s rights in the White House

An epidemic of double vision strikes Kansas City at a twins convention

For a Song 41

A woeful folkie in Animal House, the real Stephen Bishop is L.A.’s hottest soft rocker

Couples 46

Ex-San Francisco mayor Joe Alioto campaigns again, but this time it’s in Boston for his wife, Kathleen Sullivan

In Style 57

Cooking, cleaning and kids do in would-be “househusband” Bob Peters

Inventors 60

Woodie Flowers and friends create computers that walk, lock up, and turn off the TV

Bio 66

Actress and teacher Uta Hagen makes up for fame with her cooking and an appetite for life

Medics 81

Dr. Mary Giffin tries to save suicidal teenagers from their worst enemy—themselves

Out of the Pages 95

Author Winston Groom’s war novel gets help from his tony Long Island friends

Sequel 99

Former child actor Bobs Watson headlines in Vegas—as a Methodist minister

In His Own Words 107

Carter’s former adviser, Dr. Peter Bourne, talks about drug abuse and his own fall from power

Spirit 114

Pope John Paul I turns out to be an unusual “man of letters”

Mail 4

People Picks & Pans: 10

It’s King Kong vs. Muhammad Ali, Suzanne Somers and new spaceman Lorne Greene, among others, in another week of the no-quarter-asked TV ratings war

William Peter Blatty didn’t exercise his imagination enough for his new novel, The Ninth Configuration

Heartbreaker? Not Dolly Parton

Tail a-wag, Lassie makes another movie comeback

Merlin and Simon beep their way onto the growing shelf of computerized games

Star Tracks 77

Chip Carter signs for a future voter

Michael Douglas on the streets of New York

Something happened to Diahann Carroll on the way to the golf course

Chancellor Helmut Schmidt levitates

Liz Ashley plays Leon Redbone’s Baby Doll

Back in the saddle again for Steve Cauthen

People Puzzle 104

Chatter 116

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