By People Staff
April 08, 1974 12:00 PM

2 Mail

4 Up Front

Young Teddy Kennedy learns to ski again

“Shrimp” cuts up with President Nixon

Death overtakes Peter Revson

Guards for Princess Anne

16 Off the Screen

Buford Pusser of Walking Tall isn’t a hero to some

18 In Trouble

Agnew’s successor and other unfortunates

20 Bio

Ex-astronaut Edgar Mitchell is exploring minds

24 For a Song

Stevie Wonder’s accident taught him: make the minutes count

26 Jocks

Slugger Frank Howard looms large in Japan

30 In Style

Rodney’s L.A. Disco, where the kids meet to freak

32 Over the Tube

Dan Rather—Nixon’s network nemesis

34 Star Tracks

Jackie Onassis and bear

Stan Smith and John New-combe

Mama Mia Farrow

Bebe and Rose Mary

38 From the Past

The big-league boys of a long-ago summer

40 On Stage

Dan Dailey and a new show run into rehearsal traumas

42 In His Own Words

Designer Halston on the future of fashion

47 Lookout

48 Out of the Pages

James Baldwin: a new novel, a gentler outlook

50 People Puzzle

51 Couples

Musicians Dankworth and Laine: the sax and the singer

56 On the Move

Suddenly, sculptor Louise Nevelson’s work is everywhere

58 Chatter