By People Staff
March 18, 1974 12:00 PM

4 Up Front

Lt. William Calley’s strange three years of “house arrest”

Two crucial juries

A jubilant Wilson in Britain

King Faisal and the gas drought

19 Couples

A marriage that thrives on the demanding roller-derby grind

22 In Trouble

Melvin Belli

Lady Kiwanian

Haile Selassie

Paul Newman’s son Scott

The painted nude on the garage

24 Bio

The elegant isolation of J. Paul Getty

30 Star Tracks

Hank Aaron

Mary Quant

Lauren Hutton

The widow Allende

Novelist James Jones

Yehudi Menuhin

Jane Wyman and daughter

34 Off the Screen

Lucille Ball, at 63, explains, among other things, why she wants to punch Marlon Brando in the nose

38 Happy

A family gets back a son stolen by neighbors

40 For a Song

An Australian nun combines rock’n’roll with The Lord’s Prayer

42 Lookout

A pianist, a writer, and maybe the next governor of California

45 People Puzzle

46 Sequel

Two jazzy generations of Brubecks click on campus

48 In His Own Words

There’s life out there in space, says astronomer Carl Sagan

52 Out of the Pages

Jane’s Dee Wells and Sula’s Toni Morrison—two new novelists

54 Jocks

“Superstar” Kyle Rote Jr. wants to be a do-gooder, no less

56 To the Top

They love it when model Billie Blair goes “on the wild”

58 Adventure

Balloonist Thomas Gatch sets out across the Atlantic toward an unknown fate

60 Chatter