By People Staff
June 17, 1974 12:00 PM

2 Mail

4 Up Front

Senator James Buckley tries whale hunting in Alaska

Former New York Mayor John Lindsay is all play and no work

Tornado-ravaged Xenia is rebuilding

Glenn W. Turner, a Florida slicker who made and lost $169 million

Charles Colson, the Watergate man who found God

19 Out of the Pages

A master spy tells his fantastic story

22 On the Move

John Sparkman, the new foreign-affairs power in the Senate

24 Couples

The Leslie-Melvilles—life is a big safari

30 For a Song

David Cassidy leaves the teenybop scene—riotously

32 Jocks

Herb Washington has baseball’s swiftest legs

34 In the Money

Two young tycoons who’ll put your face on your chest

36 Bio

Jack Lemmon: nimble-legged, quick-tongued, back with a bang

42 Star Tracks

Bill Walton

General Omar Bradley

Lawrence Durrell

James St. Clair

Ernest Borgnine and Carroll O’Connor

47 People Puzzle

48 Winners

Lt. Commander Barron Nelson’s one-legged fight with the navy

50 In His Own Words

Nixon appointee Dr. Ted Bell talks common sense about U.S. education

54 Lookout

A Russian chess champ and a child prodigy on the fiddle

58 Over the Tube

Marvin Zindler is the fastest consumer-draw in Texas

60 In Style

Kids discover a new twist—ballroom dancing—and the Duchin band plays on

62 Chatter