By People Staff
June 03, 1974 12:00 PM

2 Mail

4 Up Front

A crop of new graduates have some reassuring things to say about their famous parents

The man who repossessed Robert Vesco’s favorite airplane

A poignant look backward at the once placid life of Patricia Hearst

14 Over the Tube

Redd Foxx as holdout: Sanford and Son without Sanford

20 Sequel

The Yank with the RAF who found the Bismarck

22 To the Top

How Karen Morrison stood straight to become Miss USA

24 Out of the Pages

Zero Mostel’s wacky world of words for tots

26 Jocks

After a decade of violence, the pain stops Dick Butkus

28 Teacher

A professional soldier shapes up a women’s college

35 Lookout

A lawyer-feminist-mother

A black lawyer-politician

36 Bio

Cicely Tyson: “God didn’t want me to bang a typewriter.”

42 Star Tracks

Winston Churchill

Buddy Rich

Lauren Hutton

A reunion at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

46 On Stage

Bernstein and Robbins team again in a spooky ballet

48 Medics

Peggy Lee is back in form—in every way

50 In Her Own Words

Marion Javits: singular life-style of a senator’s wife

54 People Puzzle

56 Couples

The Sakowitzes of Houston push clothes and culture

60 In Style

The man who minds the tables at Sans Souci

62 Chatter