By People Staff
October 10, 1990 12:00 PM


From the Publisher 5

That Regal Rush 8

Work, family, fun: The Windsors live like the rest of us, if you don’t count the splendor. Here’s the feeling in pictures

The Decade of Diana 11

A time line of pivotal events in the Windsors’ world since Di hooked the great white Wales

Daddy, Where Do Windsors Come From? 28

Along the family line that Victoria salvaged, dutiful monarchs are always tidying up after naughty, profligate kin

Rap Like a Royal 43

Forget Valspeak and jive talk. In palace parlance even wrinklies can have bags of fun—if they’ve got the crispies

The Pecking Order 46

Let’s see, a baron beats a baronet, a viscount clocks a baron, but why was Boomtown Rat Geldof knighted but not entitled to be called Sir Bob?

The Boss 50

Philip may crack the whip with the kids, but QUEEN ELIZABETH II is the unchallenged chief of the Family Firm. Majestic and unflappable, she’s a crowned head who hefts her own hair spray

The M.V.P. 60

What makes DIANA the Most Valuable Princess? Even when Charles is being a cold fish, she handles herself swimmingly

The Dreamer 78

Sometimes with his shoulder to the wheel, sometimes with his head in the clouds, CHARLES waits, works, worries—and waits. Is he selfish or just in search of a purpose?

The Wild Card 84

Brassy, bumptious FERGIE brought the Windsors and Merry Andrew her lovable mirth and girth, but the joke is wearing thin

The Doer 97

Formerly the palace brat, hardworking ANNE is now Britain’s first royal Nobel nominee. Logging heroic hours for Save the Children, she saved herself despite losing her marriage

The Impresario 101

He grew up on the public stage. Now EDWARD, once the balky baby brother, plans a life in the theater—behind the scenes

The Pretty One 105

Melodramatic MARGARET rode out life’s ups and downs with a cigarette holder and a song. So who’s sorry now?

The Golden Girl 109

What beats being Queen? Being QUEEN MUM! All the pomp, none of the circumstance—and everybody loves you. So hoist a “drinky-poo” to her who keeps the great in great-grandma

Royal Pains 91

Every family has its cross to bear. The Windsors have two: freeloading Princess Michael and free-loving cousin Marina

The Line Forms Here 113

Britain’s most exclusive queue is the line of succession to the throne. You’ll find a deejay, a midwife, a phone salesman bubbling in the Hot 100

Do They Earn Their Keep? 116

For people who don’t like to touch money, the Windsors can sure pile it up. But do they do enough to deserve the loot?

Charles Today, George Tomorrow? 128

The first two King Charlies left something to be desired as role models. Here’s why Prince Charles may change his name once he accedes

The Hand-Me-Down of Highnesses 132

For almost 150 years, a lace christening gown ordered by Queen Victoria has wrapped generations of wee Windsors

The Smashing Finale 134

All’s well that doesn’t end