March 28, 1990 12:00 PM

Styles Of The ’90s


You won’t have to toe the line in fashion, food, furnishings—more than ever you’ll draw your own. Bonus: style landmarks, a photo review

16 NINE FOR THE ’90s

What the world needs now is people whose style stems from substance. Consider:

16 Prince Charles: A Hamlet becoming a Henry V

20 Dana Delany: An Emmy winner whom women want to emulate, men want to marry

22 Kurt Schmoke: Baltimore’s Mayor faces society’s harshest problems head-on

25 Midori: To be young, (very) gifted and no brat

26 Ted Danson: Cheers to a man balancing family, cause and career

28 David Robinson: Model of a modern major jock

31 Barbara Bush: The art of putting people at ease

35 Jason Clay: CEOs are listening to this rainmaker for the rain forest

36 Paula Abdul: She could dance all night and make you want to do the same


Robin des Bois is the Robin Hood of environmentalism

The Toxic Avengers and other citizens mobilize for a clean sweep

Dennis Weaver builds his “Earth Ship”

Jim Henson, Ted Turner and Tom Cruise preach to the next generation

Sculptors Meg Webster and Buster Simpson want to shape up the world

Fashion students send an SOS


Romeo Gigli, Isaac Mizrahi and Robert Lee Morris lead a runway renaissance

Randolph Duke, Sam & Libby and Finis do bold on a budget

C.D. Greene and Jeanette make sequins fine anytime

Joseph Abboud and Ronaldus Shamask fit the postmodern male

New togs from the test tube entice designers, including Calvin Klein

Kaleidoscopic kid wear from Oilily invades America


Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk have a secret ingredient to recreate small-town America: neighborliness

Massimo Iosa Ghini grew up on sci-fi comic books and, fortunately, never got over them

Wrap artist Sayzie Carr, jewelry designer Lisa Jenks and canopy creator Bill Moss initiate the age of soft-tech

Mojdeh Baratloo gives grade-schoolers a foundation in architecture


Eating takes a great leap forward in the fusion cuisine of Hugh Carpenter

His healthy fast food could bring Keith Famie fame

Ding-dong, gourmet delivery calling

Introducing the leisurely Slow Food movement

Of lavender spuds, jerk marinade and other millenni-yumms

Zagat diners dream up the perfect restaurant


For fun and aerobic conditioning, Americans are literally climbing the walls, and designer Ramsay Thomas is giving them more to hold on to

Scott LeTellier crusades for soccer as he prepares the nation to host the ’94 World Cup

Baltimore’s new ballpark will be a downtown classic

Homegrown tennis star Jennifer Capriati gets special dispensation to turn pro at 13

From the medical lab to you: headache help, an electromagnetic tranquilizer, laser dentistry


New ways to improve your one-to-one: The National Organization for Changing Men says share the housework, PAIRS says fight fair and Earnie Larson says go home early on Fridays

How to raise an only child: Gently help him down from the pedestal

Seniors and toddlers make each other’s day in the Bronx

The bichon frise may become the dog of the decade


Warren Beatty’s Dick Tracy shoots movie-making technique fulla holes

Bridget Fonda keeps the family name in lights

Boat-lift refugee Carlos Alfonzo paints powerful canvases far from the power centers of N.Y.C. and L.A.”

The Urban Bush Women stir tribal heat into street-smart dance

Penny Sisto and like-minded artists are making quilts send a message


A “shopaholic” elite shapes ads, movies, TV—and us


Blue-cheese ice cream and Boss Day are part of the Japan we don’t know


If she gets rehitched, she’ll look great in these gowns

ON THE COVER: (clockwise from top right)

Warren Beatty and Madonna clinch in primary colors for Dick Tracy

Vivacious Paula Abdul makes dirty dancing wholesome

Women as well as men are head over heels for Dana Delany of China Beach

The bichon frise laps up attention

World Cup soccer comes to the U.S.

His models get a kick out of Isaac Mizrahi’s designs

Massimo losa Ghini creates a curvaceous couch

Jim Henson’s newest muppet is a nature reporter named Netty the Iguana.

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