October 04, 1989 12:00 PM

10 Moments that Mattered: A sprint through the wonders, blunders, horrors and hee-haws of a damn-the-torpedoes decade

44 Twenty Who Defined the Decade: A gallery of destiny’s darlings, who played the era’s themes and lived its dreams

44/Ronald Reagan & Mikhail Gorbachev: Giants of the age, they gave peace a chance

48/Michael Milken: Mysterious master of the takeover game

50/Madonna: Not the kind Raphael painted

52/Donald Trump: The world is his sandbox, and he lets everyone know it

55/Oliver North: Patriot? Fanatic? Cat’s-paw? Loose cannon?

58/Jesse Jackson: Somewhere over the Rainbow…

60/Princess Diana: Windsor with a work ethic

63/The Couch Potato: Are we a nation of vidiots?

65/Rock Hudson: He didn’t mean to make history

68/Michael Jackson: Fragile, agile space-age elf

70/Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker: Praise the Lord and pass the giraffes

73/The Crack Kid: Violence and death in a $5 high

74/Bruce Springsteen: Born to be misunderstood in the U.S.A.

76/Baby M: Irresistible technology meets immovable maternal emotion and demonstrates the high cost of renting a womb

85/Bill Cosby: Papa do preach

86/Shirley MacLaine: It pays to be born-again and again

88/Mike Tyson: Love is his kryptonite

90/Stephen King: Who knows what evil lurks in the kitchen sink? The family car? The cute pooch?

91/E.T.: He came upon a midnight clear

92 What a Difference a Decade Makes: It was R.I.P. for the LP, fax to the max and fade-out Freddie Laker. Buckle up and ride a roller coaster of change

99 Sound Bites: Money made the world go round. And it made grown-ups say the darndest things

102 A Kinder, Gentler Nation: Bad manners, mudslinging and machismo were the psychic junk food of the ’80s

110 Noir Has Gone Too Far: Black went from blah to ahhh! We wore it, slept in it, drove in it, ate it. Hey, Capt. Midnights, lighten up!

112 Coming to Terms with Nam: In a time of healing, a father tries to explain the war’s grim legacy to his son

120 Heroes: Seven who dared to do what seemed right

130 Radicchio ad Absurdum: In the oral orgy of the ’80s, we often bit off more cloudberry clafoutis than we could chew

134 Running for Our Lives: In a 9,000-mile run to fight AIDS, Brent Earle tested his courage—and America’s heart

146 Nancy: An album of cartoons and quotes about the closest thing to a queen we’ve had since Jackie

148 Pop Quiz! So whaddya know, you connoisseurs of the inconsequential?

154 Rap for the ’90s: Enough with the ’80s!/ Fenestrate your ears/ Grab the early line/ On the next 10 years!

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