May 04, 2011 12:00 PM


AGE: 34 WHY WE LOVE HIM: Because the Arkansas-bred singer balances rugged sexiness and a sly sense of humor: “I’m goofy in a naughty kind of way.”

The “Shape I’m In” crooner works hard to maintain his own killer shape with 500 daily crunches, six-mile morning runs and weekly yoga sessions with his wife of three years, Heather. All the better to indulge his fondness for bacon grease-and Rachael Ray recipes. “I made her cottage pie the other day,” he says. “I’m a big appetite guy.” A prankster who likes to joke about his “Greek god” hair and insists he’s “still awkward with girls,” Nichols blushes at the swoons for his Cherokee-handsome looks. Says Heather: “All my friends are like, ‘My God, your husband is hot!'”


AGE: 31 WHY WE LOVE HIM: He’s man enough to admit it’s hard work to look this good.

On staying in shape: “I envy guys with a good metabolism. I wish I could eat a big ole Chinese buffet every day. I think, ‘Man, if I had your metabolism, I wouldn’t be eating this fruit cup.'”

Getting older gracefully: “Aging is scary. I’m not going to lie. I plan to stay 31 for a few years. I’ve got to go into Wikipedia and change my birth date.”

He pampers himself: “A buddy stayed at my house and said, ‘Dude, you paid more for one bottle of shampoo than I paid for all my shampoo in a year!’ I blame it on stylists. They use something on you and it’s like a drug.”


AGES: 28 and 25 WHY WE LOVE THEM: The Gloriana siblings are young, fresh and funny. And who says every guy in country has to be a cowboy?

Neither of you fit the mold of a traditional country star… “Being country to us just means being real,” says Tom. “We’re still men; we drink beer and watch football. We’re not home flat-ironing our hair.”

What do fans think? “Touring with Taylor Swift, we got our share of fan adoration, but it was from the 16 and under crowd,” says Tom. “We’re hoping to get some adoration from some legal chicks.”

When do you think you’re at your hottest? “I feel sexy after my second glass of red wine. That’s when it kicks in; then it just keeps getting exponentially bigger with each glass after that until I’m the hottest guy in the world-and I’m falling on you,” jokes Tom. “For me, it’s water polo,” says Mike. “There’s nothing like me in a Speedo, a swim cap and goggles.”


AGE: 43 WHY WE LOVE HIM: He’s all about good times! And who doesn’t want “the sun and the sand and a drink in your hand…?”

What it’s like to date Kenny?

Here’s what you could expect:

Vacations are required. “I work hard and play harder,” he says. “I’m all about the Caribbean, a boat and hanging out.”

You’ll be eating healthy-most of the time. “I live on chicken, broccoli, fish, steamed carrots and protein bars, but on Sundays I eat whatever I want.”

You’ll have to share him. “My favorite way to spend a Saturday night is onstage. The emotion and the passion I get from the crowd, there’s nothing like it.”

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