and Paul Chi
May 27, 2013 12:00 PM


Man of Steel

STARRING Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Russell Crowe

Brit Cavill suits up as a more emo version of Superman. “Doubt and emotion are his kryptonite,” says producer Deborah Snyder. But don’t worry, he’s still bulletproof and, adds Snyder, “supersexy!”


The Heat

STARRING Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy

Bullock’s by-the-book FBI agent teams with McCarthy’s wackadoo Boston cop for an action comedy in the bawdy tradition of Bridesmaids. Could this be a comedy team for the ages? Says Bullock: “[Our] styles are completely different. But they always meet in the middle.”


World War Z


Why should Walking Dead have all the zombie fun? Pitt plays a former U.N. investigator trying to protect his family while a pandemic turns humanity into flesh-eating undead. Shot in five countries with thousands of extras, this megabudget adaptation of Max Brooks’s novel is risky but promises plenty of action and braaaains.


The Bling Ring

STARRING Emma Watson, Katie Chang, Leslie Mann

With Hogwarts in the rearview mirror, Watson joins a crooked clique of Valley kids who rip off Hollywood stars in this torn-from-the-tabloids tale based on actual trashy events.

MAY 31

After Earth

STARRING Will Smith, Jaden Smith

They tackled homelessness in The Pursuit of Happyness; now the father/son duo battles wicked weather and feral beasts on a wrecked but familiar planet—ours.


The Lone Ranger

STARRING Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer

We swear that’s Depp under the war paint. The Pirates star plays Tonto to Hammer’s Masked Man in this lavish update. Getting into costume was easy. Character? Not so much. “We showed up at … a horse ranch in New Mexico,” recalls Hammer. “And they said, ‘We’re going to beat the [snot] out of you until you become a cowboy.’ ”

AUG. 9

We’re the Millers

STARRING Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts

A stripper and her pot-dealer pal pose as a family. Her bod unaffected by munchies, Aniston does a “showstopping” striptease, says director Rawson Marshall Thurber. “People will watch with their jaws on the ground.”


The Wolverine

STARRING Hugh Jackman

Everyone’s favorite muscle-bound mutant is back—and battling Japanese gangsters. Lucky for fans, fighting evil is a shirt-optional gig. Jokes Jackman: “It’s very hot wherever he goes!”

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