December 12, 1988 12:00 PM

Scotsmen do wear plaid, if Eurythmic Dave Stewart (with wife Siobhan Fahey and son Samuel) is any indication. Flo-Jo burst out laughing: “Was this for a Halloween party?” ALF almost liked it: “Perfect outfit, but lose the shoes.” Tucker tiptoed around the subject: “Are orthopedic shoes the new look?”

The look preferred by Alexander Godunov caused a collective snore. “Pajamas are good,” pronounced ALF. Cole added, “If he wants to go to sleep, he doesn’t have to run home to change.” Downey got up on the wrong side of bed: “I wondered where my old mattress cover went.”

Rocking Rod Stewart was uniformly praised. “It’s a beautiful suit,” said Costa. “Show-business people just don’t dress quietly.” Westwood pulled in her claws for a change: “He used to be called Rod the Mod, and he still looks good.” Cole went a little overboard: “He exemplifies English style, grace and overall class.” Said Flo-Jo, meaning well, no doubt: “It’s perfect for him, for who he is and his age.”

Corey Haim didn’t stir up many strong opinions. Westwood was ambiguous: “He looks ready for action.” Flo-Jo said, “I like that look for that age group.” Tucker figured the star of License to Drive was going through his “looking-for-a-place-to-fit-in phase.”

A comical variety of judgments rained down upon Arsenio Hall. “He doesn’t have to worry about showing up at a party and seeing someone else in the same outfit,” said Cole. Flo-Jo offered, “The suit fits a person with a big mouth.” Westwood was subdued: “He looks good, I guess.”

George Bush fared considerably better on Nov. 8 than he did with our judges “Boring,” said Costa. Westwood was diplomatic: “What’s missing is a little touch of fantasy.” Tucker surrendered: “What can you do with this guy?”

“Looks like he was just released on bail after one of his parties,” said Downey of baggy Bruce Willis. Cole defended him: “Bruce’s presence is clean and presentable.” Really? Westwood went wild: “He is the worst, a zero in terribly sloppy clothes.”

Mixed reviews for Donald O’Connor. “He looks like one of Milton Berle’s kids in Miltie’s old suit,” said Downey. Tucker was more tactful: “He can get away with it. I wouldn’t suggest anyone else try.”

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