March 28, 2005 12:00 PM

It’s a Cinch

Hilary Swank is still getting belted—but with fashion, not fists, enhancing her hourglass figure like these other beauties

Lake Bell, in her mother’s vintage belt, at a fashion show in L.A.

Uma Thurman, in Louis Vuitton, at a London Premiere.

Josie Maran, in a vintage look, at a party in L.A.

Hilary Swank, in Balenciaga, at the Academy Awards nominees luncheon.

Behind the Seams


Didn’t think this Desperate Housewife could look so demure? Eva Longoria was both sweet and sexy in Single at the William S. Paley Television Festival.

PLAYING DRESS UP: Clothes and computers interfaced at the Prêt à PSP show launching PlayStation’s Portable (PSP) handheld entertainment system (on sale March 24). Models wore designer ensembles with custom-made PSP cases, and guests like Courteney Cox Arquette received PSPs and a case. But the highlight of the event for Nicky Hilton was viewing looks from Heatherette, including the “Nicky” dress she modeled. “They stole the show,” said Hilton, modestly….

THAT ’70S SKIN: Unlike his ’70s Show alter ego, Topher Grace is a thoroughly modern man. One might even call him a metrosexual given his beauty secret—Boscia skin care. After makeup artist Natalia Bruschi prepped grace with the all-products, on a recent photo shoot, he requested that four be sent to him. Guess this is one way Topher plans to age Grace-fully….

Boscia skin-care products $16-$30;

BLISS ME: In the same week, at the end of a long, cold winter, four bold-faced names all felt the need for pampering at the new bliss 49 spa in N.YC. On Friday, March 4, Chelsea Clinton started her day with a mani-pedi. The next Tuesday Alanis Morissette had a mani-pedi at 3 o’clock, then at 6 Ashley Olsen worked off school stress with a 75-minute massage. The maximum bliss-seeker was Marcia Gay Harden, who visited on Wednesday, March 9, for a massage and a mani-pedi. Sounds like bliss-mas came early this year….

PEACE PIN: Fashion critics gave Sophie Okonedo’s Oscar hairstyle thumbs up for style. It turns out it was even more impressive for its symbolism. She adorned her updo with a pin made of blue and green crystals and yellow gold, for Rwanda’s national colors. The pin is now on sale, with proceeds going to the International Fund for Rwanda, which helps fund humanitarian projects in the country.

IFFR pin, $20;

SHE WORE IT FIRST June 9, 2004


Sienna Miler

Some people are always ahead of the class. In the case of Sienna Miller, eight months ahead. Last summer the style leader was already computing this spring’s fashion equation: white prairie dress + cowboy boots = breezy boho chic. Now blondes all over town have figured out the same ensemble. Extra credit goes to Ashley Olsen and Kimberly Stewart for adding Miller’s essential accessory—not Jude Law, but an almost-as-hot Balenciaga bag.

THE ORIGINAL: Sienna Miller in a white Matthew Williamson dress and vintage cowboy boots


Gap makes clothes for mixing and matching. And that’s just what you’re meant to do with their new fragrance oils. Katie Holmes pairs Crepe Gardenia with Sheer Tuberose, Lindsay Lohan layers Sueded Musk, Silk Yuzu and Woven Cassis, and Mariska Hargitay combines Smooth Sandalwood and Torn Verbena. Looks like fragrance is no longer one size fits all.

Gap Scent Editions, $19.50 each; available at Gap stores nationwide

Star Talk


What can’t you live without?

There is this Barbara Bui purse that I swear to God I’ll be buried with. It cost me as much as a mortgage payment, but I really feel like this purse has changed my life. I love it. Every time I can, even when I don’t really match, I’ll wear it again.

Gabrielle Union and her $1,135 bag on Feb 20

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