August 02, 2004 12:00 PM

Just Add Watercolor

Wear your art on your sleeve—or your neckline or skirt. These stars look suitable for framing in a swirl of pastels

Tara Reid, in Pucci, at the I, Robot premiere in L.A.

LeAnn Rimes, in Moschino, at an awards show in Las Vegas.

Paris Hilton, in Tracy Feith, at a party in Bridgehampton, N.Y.

Sarah Jessica Parker, in vintage, at a benefit concert for John Kerry in N.Y.C.

Behind the Seam


She’s set to play the Invisible Girl in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie, but Jessica Alba is hard to miss Jill Stuart at a polo event in Bridgehampton, N.Y.

CAT CALL: The designers of Dirty Laundry, Erika Glandon and Teresa Findlay, thought they’d need nine lives to finish up Halle Berry‘s order for 400 custom—stitched shirts to give as gifts to the cast and crew of Catwoman—each tee takes two hours to hand-make. Berry, a fan of the embroidered line, told the company, “I bet you could put a catwoman on shirts,” so they did, and on time….

The cast’s Catwoman tees aren’t available, but check out other hand-sewn shirts at http://www.dirtylaundry

MOM KNOWS BEST: “When I first move to LA., I got caught up in trying to wear what was hip instead of what suited my personality,” said actress Schuyler Fisk at the recent party to celebrate Abercrombie & Fitch’s new catalog (she, along with other celebrity offspring, was a model). “My mother [Sissy Spacek] told me I had good taste and that I should go with my instincts.” Great advice from a true original…

SHOWING HER COLORS: What’s the deal with Serena Williams’s crush on orange? “It was my sister’s favorite color,” says the tennis ace of her older sibling Yetunde Price, who was murdered in 2003. As for the orange dress she wore to the recent ESPY awards in LA., “It’s my [label”], Aneres, which is my name spelled backwards,” she explains. I wear these outfits as inspiration.” The rest of us can be inspired by the multitalented Williams when the line debuts in 2005….

JEANS WHIZ: Whenever there’s a hip new line of jeans, it seems you can expect Cameron Diaz to skip to the head of it and order at least a pair. That’s what she did for the newest gotta-get-it jean by Mogg. The company uses vintage denim, bigger, rear-end-flattering pockets and is fashioned with the sexy, molded-to-your-body fit of a rock star’s jeans. Diaz has them in blue and black and a one-of-a-kind pair in white.

Mogg Jeans, $149; Tracey Ross, 310-854-1996.


AGE: 26

HOMETOWN: New York City

CELEB RAVE: “I dress for comfort and fashion,” says Mischa Barton. “Which is why I incorporate Charlotte’s designs into my wardrobe. They’re casual, fun and practical.”

“I love plain and simple things,” says the designer. “I’m not about loud ‘look at me.’ My stuff is about the little details.” Those details—a cherry appliqué or a unicorn—have garnered enough attention to create a rosy big picture. Since debuting her cheeky and feminine C. Ronson label five years ago, she’s added a shoe and underwear line; is working on a small menswear collection with Damon Dash’s Roc-A-Wear; recently moved into a bigger Manhattan retail space; and can boast a famous following that includes Kirsten Dunst, Mischa Barton, Susan Sarandon and Lindsay Lohan. Her creative spirit runs in the family—older brother Mark, 28, and fraternal twin sister Samantha (who’s about to release a CD) are both well-known deejays; mother Ann Dexter-Jones is a New York style maven; and stepfather Mick Jones is the lead guitarist for Foreigner. “We were brought up to find a passion in life and just go for it.”


(From top) Taryn Manning owns the Cherry Pleat Dress, $132; Ronson’s namesake Charlotte wedge is one of her popular shoes that are named after coworkers and friends, $88; Mischa Barton owns the Waist Tie Skirt, $155; 212-625-9074.

I really love my…

JALDA clutch. The Simple Life 2‘s Nicole Richie may be holding fast to her faux-crocodile clutch, but she’s more than let go of her usually glaring, daring and overbaring outfits. Instead, the 22-year-old is opting for sleek, sophisticated and—dare we say it?—modest ensembles. Maybe she’s discovered life’s simpler pleasures.

Jalda clutch, $225;

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