By People Staff
January 26, 2004 12:00 PM

A Sea of Blue

We haven’t seen this much azure in Hollywood since Nemo got lost. But fashion-savvy stars are up for a little adventure when they take the plunge in these unusual hues. From aqua to sea-foam dresses, it’s ocean-going all the way.

WEAR IT WITH: Metallic heels (gold and silver are both on the money) and sparkly accessories like Brooke Burke’s and Jennifer Beals’s.

DON’T WEAR IT WITH: Matching shoes or handbag—you’ll look like a bridesmaid.

Behind the Seams


A real prize would be to win a date with Kate Bosworth, looking lovely in a silk Chanel dress at the Los Angeles premiere of her film Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!

BELT IT OUT: Paris Hilton is certainly one to speak her mind, so why shouldn’t the rest of her have something to say too? The heiress-actress bought almost a dozen Tied Up vintage belts with custom crystal lettering that includes such pithy-isms as Diva, Princess and Lucky. Honestly, it’s not as if we didn’t already know….

Tied Up belts by Nikki Winston, $59; SIANY, 323-930-9350.

LADY AN THE TRAMP: Ever admire someone so much you want to put it on a T-shirt and shout it to the world? Keira Chaplin did just that at a recent L.A. film premiere, wearing a Charlie Chaplin memorial tee: “My grandfather was my No. 1 source of inspiration.” So much so, the 21-year-old actress and designer made the shirt the linchpin of her new “hip, young” clothing line, Keira Chaplin, set to debut this spring. “It’s a great fashion statement,” she says, “because he will never go out of fashion.”…

RED ALERT: You don’t expect Sarah Jessica Parker to wear the same old Uggs the rest of us can’t get, do you? Neither does she. So she asked the Uggs folks to make her something unique. They whipped up a one-of-a-kind pair in red, and she so loved them that she recently wore them on Sex and the City and will reference them in an upcoming episode Can they make some in a nice shade of envy green?…

Red Uggs, $140, will be available in September;

SCENT OF A WOMAN, ER, PIE: In April Jessica Simpson will launch Dessert (with perfumer Randi Shinder), a fragrance and body-care line that smells—and tastes—like sweets. “You’ll feel as delicious as you’ll smell…and taste,” says Simpson. “All of the goodness and none of the guilt!” For Simpson, this is just the icing on the cake.

  • Triple Vision
  • Once, twice, three times the ladies in a prim and proper Prada coat. But each gives the topper a personal twist: Rénee Zellweger goes mod in knee-high boots and a belt; Sarah Jessica Parker dresses down in denim; and Kristin Davis does it daintily, in pretty hose and heels.

You Grow, Girl!

So much drama: First Monica and Chandler’s will-they-won’t-they adoption on Friends and more recently Courteney Cox Arquette‘s own is-she-isn’t-she pregnancy in real life. Now that we all know—they are, and she is—reports are pouring in on Cox’s expanding wardrobe. Her most recent additions came from Childish, a line of maternity duds. She called the designers and ordered “casual clothes,” including three velour warm-up suits, a pair of boot-cut jeans, a ribbed tank top and a strapless blouse. You know what they say: Clothing makes the mom.

Velour jacket, $76, and pants, $68;

What’s with the new hue?

“It’s not blonde, it’s light brown. I got bored. I like the option of flopping back and forth and changing my hair whenever I want.” A woman’s prerogative.