By Tina L. Redwood
Updated July 15, 2002 12:00 PM
  • Prairie Tales
  • Need a fresh fashion direction? Then go west, following in the footsteps of stars like Penélope Cruz and Teri Polo, who are donning chic white updates of the prairie skirt. “It’s very romantic and summery,” says a rep for Ralph Lauren, whose antique lace version found favor with Cruz and Kelly Lynch. The petticoats are also long on appeal because, although “you’re covering your legs,” says L.A. stylist George Blodwell, the low-slung cut makes them “as sexy as minis.” The skirts, adds Polo, are so “nice and stretchy” that she’s continuing to wear hers in her eighth month of pregnancy. Now that’s trailblazing. with Teena Hammond in Los Angeles

behind the seams

Victoria’s Secret models Gisele Bündchen, Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks will be wearing a lot more than lingerie in the line’s upcoming Very Sexy TV campaign. But drooling fans needn’t fear a cover-up: Gisele and Co. will still model skimpy underthings, but this time they’ll also be dripping in over $2 million worth of diamonds, courtesy of Beverly Hills jeweler Martin Katz. In the spots, debuting in October and shot by Pearl Harbor director Michael Bay, Bündchen’s décolletage will feature a 49-carat $175,000 necklace, while Banks sports a not-so-subtle 7-carat yellow diamond ring worth $350,000. As if anyone will be looking at the baubles….

Tori Spelling may have deep pockets, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate a bargain. Indeed, the economical Hollywood princess has taken to darting into Fantastic Sams in Beverly Hills for $15 blow-outs (a coif job in 90210 territory can cost upwards of $60). By the way, Spelling doesn’t fly solo when she gets her cut-rate styling-she’s usually accompanied by another well-groomed creature, her pug Mimi La Rue….

Kirsten Dunst, fashion muse? She may have tickled Spider-Man’s fancy, but the actress also caught the attention of L.A. designer Jeannine Braden. Dunst recently slipped into a fashion fete in New York City wearing her friend Alex Greenwald’s camouflage hat dandified with a huge floral-cluster brooch. Braden spotted Dunst’s creative twist on the chapeau and soon began selling her own version of the hat with a crystal brooch in the shape of either a bunny, elephant, owl, flower or strawberry for $42 on….

Seen: Sharon and Kelly Osbourne getting their brows shaped at Valerie Cosmetics in Beverly Hills. The plucking, done in full view of passersby, attracted a local paparazzo, forcing mum and daughter to retreat to a back room until the lensman left.

  • Parting Favors
  • Just what the doctor ordered! Dr. Phil McGraw recently handed out 15 Jewel-T’s to Oprah Winfrey and her staff as farewell gifts to mark his August exit as a relationship guru from her show and the September launch of his own. The $90-$125 shirts, designed by L.A. jeweler Rachel Abroms, feature a stone, such as turquoise, hooked onto the neckline. Says McGraw pal Gianna Clement, who suggested the top: “It’s the perfect summer tee.”

star talk

What’s your favorite shopping Web site?

Comedian Margaret Cho “ They do great organic cotton yoga clothes. I do yoga pretty religiously, so I have to have a whole yoga wardrobe.”

Actress Traci Bingham “I love soapscum. net. They sell amazing bath goodies.”

Singer Roseanne Cash “ It’s clothing and accessories. They have good prices and some really funky designers.”

TV host Daisy Fuentes “ I love girly things: makeup, hair, accessories. I can spend hours on the Web site!”

winner’s circle

Men in Black II villainess Lara Flynn Boyle stood out in white at the film’s L.A. premiere, donning a dazzling ivory silk dress she bought at L.A.’s Les Habitudes, where she’s a regular. “She wanted to go feminine,” says saleswoman April Tong. “Lara knows instantly what she wants.”


The Versace folks gave stylist Rosie Michel fair warning: Sharon Stone (in Cannes) had already worn the sexy leopard-print gown Michel had picked for Ashanti for the recent BET Awards. “I wouldn’t normally do that,” Michel says. “But this time I told them, ‘I don’t care, because they are not the same.’ ” When she saw how well the flirty dress fit, Ashanti agreed. Says Michel: “I asked her if she minded [about Stone]. She said, ‘No way!’ ”

Rolling in Stones

Stars like Kristin Davis and rocker Richie Sambora are generating good vibes on the go, thanks to Energy Muse pendants. Designers Timmi Jandro and Heather Askinosie created the $50-to-$600 line from stones mined for their alleged healing and rejuvenating powers. Davis’s carnelian necklace is about helping the wearer “express themselves clearly and truthfully,” says Askinosie. Sambora asked for a customized necklace made with aventurine, “the musician’s stone,” Askinosie says. “He wears it all the time.” Play on.

The power pendants are available at