September 30, 2002 12:00 PM

Study in Contrasts

From Amanda Peet’s flirty alabaster frock to Michelle Pfeiffer’s sophisticated ebony-and-ivory ensemble, there appears to be no gray area when it comes to fashion these days. Tossing Technicolor togs aside in favor of the two-tone trend yields “a very glamorous look,” says a Chanel spokeswoman. Which may explain why supermodel Heidi Klum, at the Venice Film Festival, turned the red carpet into an elegant black-and-white affair, down to her coordinating sandals. As perfectly matched as piano keys, this winning combo can’t help hitting the right note.

behind the seams

Has mom-to-be Sarah Jessica Parker found the secret to a smooth pregnancy? She thinks so, which is why the star was bereft upon discovering, when back in Manhattan, that she had left her stash of Biotherm’s Biovergetures Stretch Mark Smoothing Concentrate at her weekend home. Frantic, Parker rang the company requesting information on where to find the cream. Happy to come to the actress’s aid, Biotherm sent over a $250 supply of her favorites, including the Concentrate and its body-firming Celluli-Zone….

If Lil’ Kim felt like a giant disco ball recently, there’s good reason. Suffering gamely for her art—and a striking cover shot for hip-hop’s The Source magazine—the rapper was slathered from head to toe in silver glitter. Removing the coating proved more complicated. Beverly Hills skin guru Melissa Washington prescribed an all-over microdermabrasion treatment followed by layers of moisturizer….

Maybe Anna Nicole Smith isn’t as financially strapped as she claims to be on her E! TV series. Smith strolled into Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook in Westwood, Calif., and promptly dropped more than $2,500 on shades. Her haul included $379 Alain Miklis, $349 Ferre specs with flash-mirror lenses, $289 pink Armanis and four pairs of $249 Histoir de Voirs….

If you notice some stars at this year’s Emmys looking especially charming, thank Italian jewelry designer Ital Argento. He gave them My Philosophy charm bracelets featuring personalized messages spelled out in diamonds inlaid in gold. Leeza Gibbons chose Faith, Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s Cheryl Hines Lucky and CSI‘s Jorja Fox Blessed. The ice is priced at $2,000 each.

Light Touch

“My generation needed a boost,” says Lauren Hutton, 58. So she created Good Stuff, makeup for the mature set. With less pigment (to seep into wrinkles, says Hutton) than most brands, “it’s made to be invisible,” she says. But it’s Hutton herself who won over pal Jane Fonda: “I keep seeing Lauren’s face and thinking, ‘If she can look like that…'”

Hutton’s Face Disc (left, $50) and brush set ($40) are sold at

Double Take

Think that sexy Chanel-clad siren seen in Madrid promoting her Spanish TV series was Penélope Cruz? Nope. It was her lookalike, little sis Mónica.

What was she thinking?

Who: Isabella Rossellini

When: Sept. 9

Where: Manhattan’s postshow party for the opening of the play Brave New World.

Steven Cojocaru’s take: “Didn’t Coco Chanel once say ‘If you feel the urge to dress up as a Chinese lantern, lie down until it passes’?”

Figging Out

Cooler temperatures call for a warm fragrance, and this season a slew of perfumers, including Jo Malone and Marc Jacobs, have fallen for figs. Actress Kate Winslet recently flipped over the sensual, autumnal aroma of Miller Harris’s Figue Amere, while makeup artist Trish McEvoy, who recently added Provence Fig to her line of luxury candles, says the “homey feel” of the sweet-smelling fruit “has a soothing effect. It really relaxes you.” Go fig-ure.

Miller Harris’s Figue Amere perfume ($110)

Marc Jacobs’s Eau de Toilette ($50)

Trish McEvoy’s Provence Fig Candle ($42)

Wild Fig & Cassis ($75( by Jo Malone

I really love my…

Juicy jeans: Perennial fashion plate Gwyneth Paltrow seems to be feeling the blues. She was spotted sporting the same $106 low-slung, patch-pocket dungarees while shopping in Paris, lounging in London and jetting back to New York City. Snag a pair of your own at Tracey Ross, L.A. (310-854-1996).

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