By Samantha McIntyre
Updated September 16, 2002 12:00 PM
  • Indian Summer
  • Lighten up? Forget about it! These days free-spirited fashion plates like Jennifer Aniston trade in those boring white tanks for the bohemian look of a black Indian-inspired tunic. The neohippie style “is a sleeker variation on the peasant top,” says L.A. stylist Vincent Boucher. And, says Bette Paige designer Ingrid Huffmon, “it’s sophisticated without being overly embellished.” But the real appeal is in its feel. “It’s really comfy,” says actress Elisha Cuthbert, “like wearing pajamas.” with Teena Hammond and Katie Wright in Los Angeles

behind the seams

  • what was she thinking?
  • A misguided homage to hip-hop—or an attempt to fill a too-large hat brim? Whatever Sheryl Crow had on her mind, she had too much on her head.

There’s a new Friends fashionista. It’s Emma, Rachel’s (Jennifer Aniston) new baby, making her debut in the new season. The show’s costumers have scooped up almost $2,000 in togs from Kidcosmic in Los Angeles. Among them: a too-hip-for-her-crib kimono dress and a fun ladybug tee topped by a brim hat….

If there’s a hot new trend of teens wearing eyeglasses with the designer’s name stamped across the lenses, blame Britney Spears. Browsing without a disguise in L.A.’s chic Beverly Center recently, the pop idol began attracting a crowd. She ducked into the SEE eyewear store and bought a pair of $199 tortoise-shell frames—which still had clear plastic lenses carrying the company’s logo. The store clerk tried to rub it off, to no avail. Desperate to disappear, Spears wore them out anyway and eluded her pursuers—who may want to have their vision checked.

Want to know Pamela Anderson‘s secret for keeping her kisses sweet? It’s Sugar, a line of lip glosses that smells and tastes like its name. Preparing for a recent photo shoot, she had her stylist stock up on Sugar’s $16.50 10-color lip compact and a $19 LipHabit—lipstick on one end, gloss on the other. Anderson says she loves the taste and that her friend Madonna also carries a Sugar compact….

While driving on Melrose Avenue a few days ago, Charlize Theron spotted the colorful embroidered Indian tunics in the window at the funky Lotta boutique. Seeking something to wear off-camera while she shoots The Italian Job, she bought three—pink, turquoise and ivory. She ordered a distressed wool coat from the designer’s fall collection and, to complete the look, bought a pair of turquoise flip-flops.

While shooting the thriller Blackout in San Francisco, Ashley Judd and Samuel Jackson are keeping hands and feet pretty, thanks to weekly hot-milk-and-lavender manicures and pedicures from Angelina Umansky of Spa Radiance. Now costar Andy Garcia is getting on the handwagon too.

  • Stars ‘n’ Stripes
  • On sometime singer Kelly Osbourne, the white stripe is in your face (and in her eye). Actress Gina Gershon wears hers with wild-child edginess. But when All-American Kelly Clarkson tries it, she trains it—and she tames it.
  • winner’s circle
  • Looking disarmingly demure in a lacy Valentino gown, Possession star Gwyneth Paltrow gave the gondoliers something new to sing about when she attended the Venice Film Festival.

Baubles on Board

“I like big and bold pieces,” says Cristina Ferrare. “I don’t shrink back.” The object of her size sighs? Her new line of not-at-all-shy jewelry that has won over stars like Halle Berry.

The colorful pieces—precious and semiprecious stones—have caught the eye of Patricia Field, Sex and the City’s costumer, who uses them to accessorize Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker. They are, says Field, “young, sexy and cool.”










I really love my…

Dolce & Gabbana cargo pants! Kylie Minogue has taken a fancy to the trendy trou and just can’t let go of them. “They’re hardly ever off me,” the Aussie pop singer says. Guess she can’t get them out of her head.