May 06, 2002 12:00 PM


It’s hip to be square these days as stars like Allison Janney, Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean and Megan Mullally take a bold point of view in thick-rimmed glasses. “Fashion from the ’80s is very trendy right now,” says Eden Wexler, spokeswoman for eyewear manufacturer Safilo USA, “and this look is very retro and preppy.” That’s welcome news to singer Lisa Loeb, who has sported the standout specs for years. “They give you the sexy-librarian look,” she says. They also cross gender lines, supplying “power to a girl and beauty to a boy,” says L.A. Eyeworks designer Barbara McReynolds. Still, there’s at least one quality all wearers of the style share: a desire to be noticed.

“These are so on-your-face,” says Fred Segal Eyes owner David Gonzales, “that they’re not for folks who wish they didn’t wear glasses.” Nor should they ever be paired with an evening gown, adds Wexler. The rest of the time, however, the glasses “are like your favorite pair of black shoes,” McReynolds says. “They can never go wrong.”

with Carrie Bell in Los Angeles

behind the seams

TV star hairdos have inspired crazes before, but none more unlikely than the current tizzy over the pink tresses of MTV darling Kelly Osbourne. The Osbourne clan’s Web site ( has been flooded with pleas from Kelly wannabes desperate for the product used to create her hue. Well, here’s the skinny: It’s Fudge Paintbox hair coloring ($16.95) in the Pretty Flamingo shade. Not that Kelly gets her own hands messy—she has a colorist at the L swank Maurice Azoulay Salon in Beverly Hills apply it for her about once a month….

During her first pregnancy, in 1998, Téa Leoni swathed herself in cotton shirts stolen from hubby David Duchovny and old stretch pants. Now 36 and expecting again, she’s thinking pregnancy chic after wandering into the Liz Lange Maternity shop in Beverly Hills. The actress just scooped up a pile of Lange’s togs, including the $295 ivory silk taffeta Fredericka evening coat and the $195 vampy black Chantal dress. Putting her own stylish stamp on things, Leoni pairs the frock with pants….

Dispelling the myth that bad-boy rockers don’t have the best manners, Steven Tyler wanted to make sure all the celebs who participated in the recent MTV Icon event honoring Aerosmith received a proper thank-you. So the star commissioned Manhattan T-shirt makers Funky Lala to create a fringed tee with the band’s logo. Among the lucky few bestowed with the $68 keepsake: Kid Rock, Janet Jackson, Jay Leno and an attendee who didn’t have to twist Tyler’s arm for the gift, his actress-daughter Liv….

Overheard: Valentino gabbing at a dinner party at Cecconi’s in London about his new pet project, designing a wedding gown for Claudia Schiffer, who is engaged to marry film producer Matthew Vaughn….

Seen: Nicole Kidman in chic cream-colored blouse and brown slacks, nibbling on a salmon salad at Cafe Montana in Santa Monica.

presto change-o

This week singer-actress Mandy Moore has less—on top, that is, after getting a choppy new coif for spring courtesy of hairstylist Colleen Conway of L.A.’s Visions Salon. “I razored it out, creating different lengths so it was textured and really chunky,” says the clipper. “It’s just a bit funkier for her.” That’s okay by Moore, who declared the sharp cut “fun” and “easy to manage.”

star talk

What’s the most crushing thing anyone has said about your clothes?

Singer Marc Anthony

“My brother Bigram always says, ‘Are you sure you want to go out that way? Dressed like that?’ If you want to make someone feel insecure, that’s what you say.”

Grounded for Life’s Donal Logue

“I wear torn jeans and T-shirts. Often when I drive up somewhere, I’m told messengers go to the back.”

Actress Bonnie Hunt

“The most crushing thing is nobody comments on what I’m wearing.”

The Rock

“I had a Cerruti jacket once and somebody said, ‘Hey, what a jacket!’ and I said, ‘Oh, do you like it?’ and they said, ‘No, it sucks.’ ”

winner’s circle

Kim Cattrall called it a “spontaneous” buy, but the tawny silk chiffon frock by London designer Maria Grachvogel proved the perfect pick for the Sex and the City star’s red-carpet walk last week. Says L.A. stylist Petra Pfaffli: “The way it hugs her body is gorgeous.”

Stitches and Studs

Gentlemen, thread your needles! Embroidery embellished the shirts of John Corbett, ‘N Sync’s Joey Fatone and John McEnroe at a recent movie premiere, leaving their masculinity intact. “It’s different than the average camp shirt, but it’s accessible to men,” says L.A. stylist Michael Eisenhower. Plus the stitching “is very subtle, not bright,” notes a rep for DKNY Jeans, which makes similar shirts. Just right, says Eisenhower, for guys who want “a one-of-a-kind feel instead of a cookie-cutter look.”

Smoothing Touch

Hollywood golden girls Heidi Klum and Natasha Richardson are aglow, and they have their moisturizer to thank. The ingredients of Själ (pronounced schal) include gold, silver, copper and sapphire essence, which soothe the skin, and grapeseed and green tea to smooth the complexion. “Everyone I recommend it to raves about it,” says facialist Regina Viotto of Manhattan’s Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa. “It’s a healing cream,” says its creator, Kentucky- born skin expert Kristin Petrovich. At $195 for a 2 oz. jar, Själ is rough on the wallet, but fans like Donatella Versace, who buy in bulk, think it’s worth it. Says Klum: “The smell is delicious.”

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