February 12, 2001 12:00 PM

Gettin’ Ziggy with It

In search of new wardrobe treasure? V marks the spot, as fresh versions of chevron stripes have Winona Ryder, LeAnn Rimes and Cynthia Nixon making a beeline for the zigzag pattern. “Cool and sexy” is how singer Samantha Cole describes the brown and gold lines of the skirt she got at a Manhattan shop. “I’d been wearing a lot of solids, and I was looking for something different.” That’s the idea, explains designer Mark Badgley, whose wavy blue beaded gown was worn by Rimes at an awards event. “Fashion has moved away from romantic and floral,” he says. Chevrons are “graphic but still soft.” Plus, “you get a pretty fit,” says designer Nanette Lepore. “They follow the body in a different way.”

Those planning to take the plunge should heed the fine points. “It’s a youthful pattern,” Badgley warns. And a tricky one to wear. L.A. stylist Ricci DeMartino, who recently dressed actress Patricia Heaton in a Missoni striped skirt, says, “You have to be sensitive to how large it is and where it falls. I’ve seen designs where you would have to be 6 ft. tall and 100 lbs. for the outfit to be flattering.” And that’s totally out of line.

with Susan Christian Goulding in Los Angeles and Samantha McIntyre in New York City

behind the seams

Now that she has delivered daughter Isabella, Jane Leeves is letting the beauty good times roll. The Frasier star just had her hair cut into a sassy bob with strong blonde highlights. Plus, having bid adieu to swollen ankles, Leeves is again sashaying around in her favorite black, high-heel, strappy Gucci mules. Isabella isn’t doing too badly either. After her birth at an L.A. hospital last month, the newborn was soon swaddled in a S500 cashmere bunting and already has a closet full of stylish Ralph Lauren togs….

Pop star Christina Aguilera had her share of wardrobe woes before taking off for a concert in Japan recently. The racy red, white and blue micromini stage dress—whipped up by L.A. designer Estevan Ramos in a size 2—was too big! Ramos, who says he misjudged just how itty-bitty Aguilera is, took in the frock and—per the warbler’s request—made it so supershort that it falls a mere 14 inches from her waist….

Sweet dreams will be coming Jenna Elfman’s way any day now, compliments of the cheery sheets the Dharma & Greg star just ordered from Lilly Pulitzer. The oh-so-cute linens feature green embroidered palm trees festooned with pink coconuts. But Elfman’s tropical treat comes at a price: The set, which includes sheets, shams, pillowcases and a duvet cover, all woven of fine Egyptian cotton, costs $1,930….

For The Practice’s Kelli Williams, her cupboard runneth over. The very pregnant star (she’s due “any minute,” says her publicist), whose onscreen wardrobe consists mostly of chic Liz Lange maternity ensembles, now has four identical three-piece chocolate-brown matte jersey suits in her dressing room closet. But Williams isn’t thoroughly spoiled—the backup clothes need to be on hand for Williams’s stand-in since producers don’t want the expectant mom to do anything risky. That includes stunts as low impact as walking on an icy sidewalk in the show’s snowy Boston locale.


Brenda Blethyn and Lisa Nicole Carson could have cried the blues at the Golden Globe Awards when both actresses appeared swathed in Escada’s pink-flower-flecked pale-blue gown and beaded clutch. But, says Blethyn, a longtime Escada fan, “I was having too good a time to worry about it, and I hope [Carson] was too.”

Star talk

Valentine’s Day is near. What do you wear when you want to seduce?

The West Wing’s Allison Janney “A really great smile. I think I seduce more men with my smile than anything else.”

The View’s Star Jones “Quelques Fleurs perfume. That’ll do the trick.”

Ivana Trump “A teddy with fishnet stockings and a garter belt of course.”

Lena Olin “Jeans, T-shirt, boots. I feel more sensual than if I’m wearing something weird and pretending to be sexy.”

Everybody Loves Raymond’s Brad Garrett “In this day and age, a wet suit. You can never be too sure or too safe.”

Rob Lowe “Nothing!”

winner’s circle

Hubby Steven Spielberg snagged the honorary knighthood, but Kate Capshaw was the evening’s queen of cool in a silk Valentino gown. The effect? “Feminine and athletic,” praises L.A. stylist Elyse Walker. For Capshaw the choice was easy: “My husband loved it.”

Sticks and Stones

Hoops may still be hot among the hoi polloi, but for fashion-forward stars like Charlize Theron and Sarah Michelle Gellar, slim, bejeweled stick earrings are now the way to go. “They’re sleek, modern and very linear,” says ER’s Michael Michele, who accessorized her Golden Globes outfit with diamond-studded rods by New York City designer Mimi So. The long, straight shape, explains Me & Ro jeweler Robin Renzi, who created the 4-in. hammered-silver earrings Theron wore at the Globes, “is very flattering if you have a long neck.” And, she adds, “they’re not fussy, so they don’t wear you.” Though slow at first to catch on with buyers, the earrings, says Renzi, are now her hottest commodity. “I cannot keep them in stock.”

Kidwear Collaboration

Fans of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen can take part in their latest adventure by heading to Wal-Mart. There they’ll find mary-kateandashley, the 14-year-olds’ new fashion line (prices: $10 to 15). “We wanted to do clothes we like to wear,” says Mary-Kate. That means no “ruffles or flowers,” adds Ashley. Says her sis: “We’re really into studs and rhinestones.”

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