March 26, 2001 12:00 PM

Gilt Tripping

Ruby slippers may take you home, but gold ones go everywhere else. That’s the new maxim as a slew of stars, including Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry and Calista Flockhart, are clicking their heels in gilded sandals. Gold shoes are “glamorous, rich!” raves L.A. stylist Kim Bowen. “They are purely frivolous!” There is a practical side to the footwear as well. The color is “flattering and versatile,” says Providence’s Melina Kanakaredes, who donned gold Jimmy Choo heels for the TV Guide Awards. Gold shoes suited Loretta Devine’s burgundy ensemble at the same fete and the coral dress of Miss Congeniality’s Jennifer Gareis. “It had gold chain links, so I wore the gold shoes [by Rinaldi] to complement them,” says Gareis. Simply put, gilt shoes will “always be the classic choice,” notes Kanakaredes’s stylist Cristina Ehrlich, with one exception: “I wouldn’t wear them with a silver dress!”

with Cydney Junius in Los Angeles

behind the seams

Hail, hail Julia Roberts! Already anointed the golden girl of the Oscars well before she has even nestled into her seat at the Shrine Auditorium, the actress has fashion tongues clucking over what she will wear. Cluck no further. Word is the favored Best Actress nominee will likely don a dress by an American designer. I hear the Pretty Woman has narrowed her list to Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors. But if you listen to a little fashion birdie—and I do—Italy’s Giorgio Armani could still win her heart….

When it comes to her Oscar garb, Best Supporting Actress hopeful Kate Hudson prefers to maintain the mystery. “Telling you what I’m going to wear is like the bride letting the groom see her wedding gown before the ceremony,” she says, hinting only that “it will be created for me. And it’s colorful!” Tight-lipped as Hudson is, the buzz I hear says the frock could be a little something whipped up by Chloé’s Stella McCartney….

The top Oscar contenders received quite the fabu gift from Motorola: the new $500 V.60c cellular phone. The high-tech treat arrived in a box, bearing the inscription “And the nominee is…” Now Steven Soderbergh can really reach out and touch someone. Tapped twice, for directing Erin Brockovich and Traffic, he scored two phones….

Songbird Toni Braxton has plenty to chirp about when it comes to her April nuptials. I hear the fairy-tale wedding—with a heavyweight hush-hush guest list, including Oprah Winfrey, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston—has a strong sponsorship element. Indeed, a source allows that Bentley, Tiffany 6c Co., De Beers Diamonds and Vera Wang are all “partnering” the event—read coughing up free goods. Isn’t it romantic?

presto change-o

The desire for a shagadelic do after 10 years of going straight and long led actress Heather Graham to lop off her locks into a flippy new coif. Her stylist Jamal Hammadi calls it “fresh and flattering,” but Graham was unsure about her transformed tresses. The morning after, “I woke up and had a freak-out,” she says. “But now I think it’s really fun.”


It’s spring-cleaning time! When was the last time you cleared out your closet and what did you discard?

Minnie Driver

“Three weeks ago, and I threw out everything I haven’t worn in the past three years. I think I even threw out some cashmere sweaters.”

Recording artist Moby

“Once a month I go through my closet. When I do photo shoots people give me clothes that I know I am never going to wear again.”

Gena Lee Nolin

“Three weeks ago. I threw out 20 pairs of shoes. I’m a shoe-aholic. They went to charity.”

Hulk Hogan

“My wife was all over my rear end to clean out my closet. It looks like a bomb went off in there. I’ve got wrestling gimmicks from when I was the bad guy.”

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