March 13, 2000 12:00 PM

Boot Camp

Hollywood’s fashionable tootsies are giving boring black footwear the boot. Most popular in eye-popping colors and wild patterns, “flashy, devil-may-care boots make you feel giddy and gleeful,” says Hollywood fashion stylist Jane Ross, whose clients include Rene Russo and Goldie Hawn. When you wear bold boots, “the old rules don’t apply,” says Ally McBeal’s Portia de Rossi, adding with a laugh, “You never have to worry about matching them to your handbag.”

In fact, teaming eye-catching boots with other equally loud items is a definite no-no. As the sole bright accessory, “they’re a good way of getting attention, but aren’t too sharp on the eyes,” says Sandra Choi, designer for Jimmy Choo, the footwear label of choice for stars like Heather Locklear (who favors the tiger-striped pattern) and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (who has a pair of Choo’s knee-high pony-skin boots). “They look fantastic with an all-one-color outfit.”

And there is one other drawback: These boots weren’t made for walking. Says Ross: “You certainly won’t see women traipsing down the street or stepping in puddles in $1,000 python boots!”

behind the seams

Among those glamming it up at the Grammys was Whitney Houston, who could have used a traffic cop to navigate the people pileup in her dressing room. Holding court were eight family members plus two tailors, a stylist and Italian designer Fausto Puglisi, who created the crystal-adorned black leather ensemble the diva wore onstage. Houston took it all in stride, sipping bubbly with hubby Bobby Brown between costume changes….

The Dixie Chicks’ Martie Seidel didn’t realize how low-cut her pale lavender Richard Tyler Grammys gown was until it was too late. “Everybody is talking to my chest,” she said, faking a frown. Seidel also admitted that the daring dress had to be let out at the last minute due to her pre-awards noshing….

Getting shoes on the Backstreet Boys was no easy task: The band’s stylist had to fight with singer Brian McKnight’s stylist for the lone size 11 tan lace-up boots by Lidfort at a Beverly Hills store days before the show. McKnight’s stylist won the showdown….

Diamonds may be a big deal to some, but not to Christina Aguilera, who said at the Grammys that she couldn’t recall where her dazzling three-row diamond bracelet came from. Yawn: It was just a $100,000 & bauble from Harry Winston….

The Oscar fashion derby continues, with Chanel flying Best Actress nominee Julianne Moore and stylist Kithe Brewster to Paris on the Concorde so they can check out gowns and other togs at Chanel’s fall 2000 show on March 3….

Seen: Singer Lenny Kravitz in a dramatic Indian-style floor-length poncho at a hipster L.A. eatery…. Pretty-in-pink Britney Spears clutching a nifty accessory—her Yorkie pooch Mitzi—while shopping in L.A.

Grin and Bare It

The night was chilly, but at a recent New York City event, “the only thing Sharon Stone wore on her legs was Crème de la Mer [moisturizer],” reports makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin. Going sans hose this winter is the sexy look of choice for gals with great gams—and a driver. Says model and sometime bare-legger Amber Valetta: “I just pop in a cab.”

winner’s circle

Good morning, America! At a New York City movie premiere, TV host Diane Sawyer swept away the winter doldrums with a cotton-candy-pink silk suit she got as a gift. “I decided to declare it spring!” Sawyer laughs. “A friend told me I looked like a lipstick.”

star talk

What was your first fashion splurge?

Minnie Driver

“A really beautiful black cashmere coat from Armani. It cost about $3,200. I’ve still got it.”

Spice Girl Emma Bunton

“A leather jacket from Gucci. I only bought it about a year ago! I’m a real bargain hunter still.”

Austin Powers II’s Mini-Me, Verne Troyer

“I can now afford to have my clothes custom-made, so that is a fashion splurge.”

Will & Grace’s Eric McCormack

“A suit. I spent like $1,000. My father practically projectile-vomited: ‘Are you out of your mind? Do you know how many suits I could buy for $1,000?’ ”

Judge Judy Sheindlin

“A diamond engagement ring that my husband never got me. It was just because he forgot. So I went out and bought it.”

Singer Sheryl Crow
“A black leather agnès b. jacket for the MTV video Music Awards the year my first album was out. [While I was away from my seat] I watched it get stolen at the end of the evening!”

Triple Vision

Nostalgic for your prom days? So are the stars, judging by the zeal with which they’re plucking designer Carolina Herrera’s $400 corsage-like crystal-beaded orchid brooches. “I like one extravagant detail,” explains Herrera, who planted the blossoms on her silk crepe and suede halter-top gowns. “The style is old-time Hollywood glamor,” says ER’s Michael Michele, who wore the ensemble in pink to the People’s Choice Awards. Without the posy, the lawn-colored version Bai Ling wore to the Golden Globes “seemed bare,” she says. “If you have grass, you have to have beautiful flowers growing in it.”

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