By Julie K.L. Dam
Updated September 27, 1999 12:00 PM

Scarfing It Up

Hollywood’s hip young things have decided that head scarves aren’t just for housework. American Pie‘s Tara Reid often sports one at parties “because it keeps my hair out of my face,” she says. “And it looks cute too.”

Blame the unlikely trend on “premillennium phobia,” says stylist Helen Mitchell, who garbs singer Meredith Brooks. “We’re looking back nostalgically at the fashions of the past.” Anna Sui’s headkerchiefs were inspired by “the way the girls looked going to folk festivals in the 1960s,” explains the New York City designer. If bohemian bandannas just won’t do, Sui’s fall collection also includes luxe $220 mohair and $75 lace versions.

Great for bad hair days, the headkerchiefs require but a simple technique. Fold the square into a tidy triangle and tie it under your tresses—preferably leaving a strip of hair showing above the forehead. “You want it to look neat,” Mitchell advises. “Otherwise you really will look like you’ve spent all morning scrubbing the floors.”

with Steven Cojocaru in Los Angeles