December 14, 1998 12:00 PM

Eat My Dust

As nights get chillier, cold-shouldered glamor gals are seeking cover in the long, lightweight coats known as dusters. “They have a romantic, swashbuckler feel to them,” says actress Jennifer Tilly. “You feel like you are in a Merchant Ivory film.”

Or perhaps in a feminine version of Shaft. “Dusters make you feel like you’re bad—but at the same time totally graceful,” says Meet Joe Black actress Marcia Gay Harden. A favorite with larger women, the slimming cover-ups “work on everybody,” says fashion stylist Jessica Paster, who has tapped them for Jennifer Aniston and Minnie Driver.

The designer of choice: L.A.’s Jane Booke, whose chic coats clothe Tilly, Aniston and devotee Kirstie Alley, who owns a $1,200 leopard-print version. Dusters, declares Booke, “make women walk taller.”

with Steven Cojocaru in Los Angeles

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