By Samantha Miller
Updated November 09, 1998 12:00 PM


These days fewer Hollywood belles are experiencing that sinking sensation. That’s because their dangerously low-cut dresses are sporting something extra: a bit of contrasting fabric—often from a built-in bustier or bra—peeking out from the décolletage. The added support “makes your cleavage look great,” says Bob Mackie, who created the pink gown-with-corset that Julia Louis-Dreyfus wore at September’s Emmys. Adds actress Kirsten Dunst: “You don’t worry about having to constantly pick up your sliding dress.”

“Women know there is nothing sexier than having your underwear show,” asserts L.A. fashion stylist George Blodwell (Hello, Monica Lewinsky!). Jenny McCarthy agrees: “I’m like, ‘This is my bra, and you better like it,’ ” she says. Of course, this trend may not have a Ion I shelf life. “By next spring,” predicts designer Nicole Miller, “the look will be over.”

with Steven Cojocaru in Los Angeles and Natasha Stoynoff in New York City