June 01, 1998 12:00 PM


Mom-to-be Jada Pinkett Smith [2] takes a simple approach to baby-on-board dressing. “I just haul out something stretchy and hope it fits,” she says. “And if it doesn’t, I find something else and hope it stretches.” Welcome to end-of-the-millennium Hollywood, where, judging by their formfitting attire, pregnant stars such as Uma Thurman [4] and Jodie Foster [5] are as proud of their bulging bellies as they were of their once-flat abs. “The pregnant form can be very sexy,” says designer Lauren Sara, whose alluring maternity gowns have graced actresses Lisa Kudrow [3], who gave birth on May 7 to a baby boy, and Natasha Richardson.

Indeed, Melrose Place’s Lisa Rinna [6] says it’s about time that the expectant raised their expectations. “I think most pregnant women feel fat and ugly,” says Rinna, who is due at the end of June and has opted for styles that owe more to Saran Wrap than potato sacks. “I decided that I wasn’t going to let that happen.” Still, Sara believes that after seven months or so—when tummies can swell to the size of prize-winning watermelons—most women would rather slip out of view. “There’s a flurry of newly pregnant celebrities, and it’s very exciting,” she says. “But as summer goes on, I predict you’ll see them fall out of the limelight.”

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