By Anne-marie O'neill
September 29, 1997 12:00 PM


Cleopatra helped set the standard back in the B.C. era, but pop queens Gwen Stefani and Madonna can take some credit for the latest boom in bangs, now fringing the foreheads of celebs including Mariah Carey, Kate Capshaw and Patricia Arquette. “Bangs are back,” says Beverly Hills coiffeur Cristophe, whose clients have included Hillary Rodham Clinton and Goldie Hawn. “They’re chic and elegant.” Actress Debi Mazar is so attached to the look that she uses clip-on bangs when she doesn’t have the real ones: “They’re flattering on me because I have a big forehead.”

Though the look is rampant on runways, hairstylists say the round-faced or curly-haired should stay away. The rest should get ’em while they’re hot. “It’s the playful hairstyle of the moment,” says L.A. hairdresser Laurent Dufourg, who tends to Téa Leoni’s bangs. “But it’s not going to last forever.”