January 27, 1997 12:00 PM


When it comes to the subject of animal rights in Hollywood, most politically correct celebs would rather down pounds of tofu than put on a pelt. But thanks to Madonna‘s retro-wear in Evita, fur trim—albeit faux—is back, with fans including Sharon Stone, Winona Ryder and Nicole Kidman sporting the fuzzy fashion. “I’d never use real fur,” insists The Nanny’s Nicholle Tom, who recently appeared at a Los Angeles AIDS benefit in a purple Betsey Johnson sweater adorned with mock marabou at the collar and cuffs. “I have a lot of fun with the fakes.” Adds Carmen Electra, the new host of MTV’s Singled Out: “I grew up in Ohio wearing fur in the winter, a whole fur coat. But I wouldn’t do that now. I feel bad for the animals.”

Not everyone, however, is rejecting the real thing. For the first time in years, sales of genuine fur—yes, the kind that comes from four-legged creatures—is on the rise Never one to avoid a hairy situation, Madonna herself showed up at Evita’s London premiere in a Versace black wool coat trimmed in—yikes!—fox. Naturally the repercussions were swift. Among the group of antifur protesters that heckled her at the theater was one dressed as a raccoon and bearing a banner. Its message? “Cry for Me.”

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