June 16, 1997 12:00 PM


Back when Pat Benatar was fashion’s standard-barer, women emulated her rock and roll look with red lips, leg warmers and that miracle of spandex: the tube dress. Now with designers looking to the ’80s, the tube has once again taken hold. “It’s a look that really works,” says fan Kim Delaney (NYPD Blue). “I like putting on something sexy that makes you feel good.” Adds The Jamie Foxx Show’s Garcelle Beauvais: “They’re a perfect summer look—you come in from the beach, put on your makeup, slip it on, and you’re off. Anytime you show some skin, you’re gonna look better.”

Designer Michael Kors, who has put Tyra Banks, Minnie Driver and Elisabeth Shue in tubes, says the look is especially good for celebs-on-the-go: “The dress doesn’t wrinkle. You can pack it in a manila envelope.” Those who have let their gym memberships lapse, however, might want to leave the dress hanging back home. “You really have to feel comfortable with your shape if you’re going to squeeze into one,” says wearer Daisy Fuentes. “You can’t fake it with a tube dress. What’s there is there.”

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