July 08, 1996 12:00 PM


When it comes to hair color, Hollywood’s dyehards have long adhered to one rule: the blonder the better. But now the bleach party may be over, as former faux towheads, including Courtney Love and actresses Ashley Judd and Jada Pinkett, pass on the peroxide. “We’re tired of summer blondes in California,” says Jillian Fink, owner of Los Angeles’s Delux Beauty Parlor and hairstylist to Drew Barrymore, who recently changed her do from platinum to a rich chocolate hue. “It’s fun to do the opposite of what you’re supposed to.” Barrymore, whose natural hair color is light brown, couldn’t be more pleased. “I like to go back and forth,” she says. “It’s a change—everyone needs one.”

So why is being brunette so big? Joseph Kendall, who maintains Tori Spelling‘s new dark tresses at Beverly Hills’s JosephMartin salon, says it’s partly a result of the current ’70s influence on fashion. “Brunette looks good with geometric lines and prints,” he says. “They don’t go well with blonde.” Also, ditching the bleach is an easy way for a celeb to change her image. “Brunettes are taken more seriously,” says hair colorist Dawn Giterman, whose clients at the L.A. salon Privé include Teri Hatcher and Shannen Doherty. “In an instant, people perceive you differently, and that’s what many stars are looking for.” But the biggest benefit may be all that extra time not spent at the hairdresser’s. “Let’s face it, most people aren’t blonde,” says Kendall. “To go a little darker takes less work.”

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