March 11, 1996 12:00 PM


Not so long ago, any self-respecting celeb worth her cell phone charges would rather show up nekkid at the Oscars than be caught wearing that flashy vestige of the ’70s, a shiny pantsuit. But that was before designers got into a reflective mood. Now, Hollywood’s chicest stars—including Michelle Pfeiffer, Emma Thompson and Alicia Silverstone—have started to shimmer. “I love the way shiny suits sparkle,” says Suzanne Somers. “They’re among my favorite outfits for that reason.” Says designer Richard Tyler, whose iridescent outfits have been been worn by Heather Locklear and Nicollette Sheridan: “Shiny suits are glamorous—they’re about dressing up with a touch of flash.”

Indeed, with restraint and good taste having infiltrated Hollywood fashion for the past few seasons, shine—now illuminating everything from silk shirts to patent handbags—is a new way to get noticed. “They scream, ‘Look at me, I’m fashionable!’ ” says Los Angeles fashion stylist Ariana Lambert, whose clients include Courteney Cox Arquette, Kate Moss and Jim Carrey. “They have an undeniable electricity about them.” Lauren Hutton, for one, likes to put on a luminous two-piecer whenever she faces the paparazzi. “When I’m not working, I’m in jeans and I slide down the street like a normal citizen,” she says. “Shiny suits make me feel like I’m doing my job properly.” And there’s another advantage. “The best thing about a shiny suit,” says Lambert, “is that you can check your makeup in it.”

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