July 17, 1995 12:00 PM


Holy hydrogen peroxide! With so many celebs clamoring for the summer’s latest to-dye-for look, Beverly Hills beauty salons must be doing a bustling business. Model Jennifer Flavin, Sly Stallone’s off-again, on-again squeeze, is only the most recent addition to the roster of well-tressed stars—including Sandra Bullock, Marisa Tomei, Elle Macpherson and singer Mary J. Blige—to go blonde from a bottle. “I did it to lighten up my face a little for the summer and give me highlights,” explains Flavin, a natural brunette who chose to add honey-colored streaks to the front of her do.

While Matthew Boger, a Los Angeles hair colorist, admits flaxen manes aren’t for everyone, he claims they almost always have their advantages. “If it’s done right, it’s more eye-catching to be blonde,” says Boger, who last month gave faux redhead Lauren Holly of Picket Fences a pumped-up golden version of her natural blonde. “It says, ‘I’ll be noticed.’ It gives you an edge, a little bit of an attitude.”

Still, not all of the new crop of Goldilockses are thrilled with the results. Bullock, who colored her chestnut tresses for her role in the upcoming romantic comedy Two If by Sea, has discovered that, while being blonde may be fun, it requires a huge chunk of time to stay that way. “It’s a lot of maintenance,” she says. “I’m going back to my natural color.”

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