By Elizabeth Sporkin
June 03, 1991 12:00 PM
  • Women are having a blast in this summer’s movies, and the caliber of their performances ranges from .38 to .357. “With films like Pretty Woman and Ghost, studios realized that women constitute a multimillion-dollar potential market,” says Richard Brown, professor of cinema studies at the New School in Manhattan. “This summer they may have decided to give themselves a little insurance by adding some male-type hardware. Next summer you could see the dream combination: Two of America’s top box office attractions, Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts, teamed in Lethal Woman or Pretty Weapon.”


Mommy, can we please get some Robin Hood cereal? Though Terminator 2, The Rocketeer and the rereleased 101 Dalmations are also vying in the summer merchandising sweeps, bet on Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves to take from the rich—and everyone else—most successfully. “So far Robin Hood is out there by itself,” says Larry Carlat, former editor of Toy & Hobby World. “It doesn’t have the competition that last year’s big hope, Dick Tracy, had.” Still, the film to beat is 1989’s Batman, which grossed an estimated $250 million in worldwide merchandising.


MTV phenom Gerardo (Rico Suave) has turned more than heads with his trademark head wrappings: He has fueled a fad in big-city dance clubs. “I see guys with long hair and bandanas down to their eyebrows, and I say, ‘Oh, cool,’ ” says the L.A.-based bare-chested rapper. He has been wearing what he calls his rags for five years—”to keep my hair from bugging me,” he explains. Though he began with plain old $3 hankies, Gerardo is moving up to fancy silk scarves. “I’ve been getting nice leather jackets,” he says, “and I try to find rags to match.”