By Elizabeth Sporkin
April 15, 1991 12:00 PM


There are models, supermodels, and there is Shana. After only eight months in the pose-in-clothes business, the Colorado-born brunet, who stars in the new Guess? jeans campaign, commands the industry’s top rate: $10,000 per day. The reason is written on her face. “If Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista had a baby,” says Manhattan fashion-show producer Kevin Krier, “it would be Shana.” Discovered by Paul Rowland, owner of the New York City agency Men/Women, Shana, 21, was plucked from catalog work in Miami and transplanted to the Big Apple. She hasn’t stopped working since. In fact, the only badge of stardom that’s apparently not in her near future is a rock star. Shana is married to Miami ad man Steven Zadrick.


It’s not that Arnold Schwarzenegger has gotten a big head since he achieved superstardom. It has always been large. Which is why actress Linda (Beauty and the Beast) Hamilton beat her Terminator 2 costar to the punch when it came to a pair of coveted sunglasses that she’ll wear in the upcoming film. Both had their eyes on the same $395 Matsuda motorcycle goggles, says L.A. optical designer Cheryl Shuman, who provided 3,000 frames for the costumers to choose from. But Arnold’s head turned out to be too massive for the shades. So the tough guy graciously settled for some $195 Persol wraparounds. Shuman notes, however, that Schwarzenegger later had her firm customize an extra-large pair for his personal use.


Johnny Depp, Judd Nelson, Spike Lee and every male model worth his whiskers have gone back to beatnik basics. “It’s one step further than the George Michael stubble look,” says Beverly Hills hairdresser Giuseppe Franco of the goatees sprouting all over Hollywood. Franco should know—his razor shapes the chin hairs of Mickey Rourke, a trendsetter who is also his business partner. “It’s happening right now because celebrities are doing it,” says the stylist. For the latest look, Franco suggests a four-day beard growth, then a salon visit followed by do-it-yourself maintenance. But better hurry, guys. Once the word is out, so is the look.