With 10 million copies sold, Twilight author Stephenie Meyer makes a run at J.K. Rowling's throne

By Bob Meadows Kari Lydersen
September 08, 2008 12:00 PM


Like her vampires, Stephenie Meyer doesn’t get much sleep. “The last 12 months seem like 10 years,” she says. “My mom worries, ‘Are you getting enough rest?'” Sorry, Mom, but your girl’s a literary rock star for the teen set, touring the country to promote one of the year’s most anticipated novels: Breaking Dawn, last of a four-part series chronicling the chaste love triangle between 17-year-old Bella, vampire Edward and Jacob, a werewolf. Her first book, Twilight, came to Meyer in a dream five years ago; 10 million copies later, some liken her to J.K. Rowling. Harry Potter has sold 40 times as many books but, says Kim Brown, a Barnes & Noble vice president, “this was book four; Harry had seven. When you look at how Harry grew, she’s pretty comparable.”

Meyer, like Rowling, inspires fervent fans—mostly girls calling themselves Twilighters, who mob her readings in Team Edward and Team Jacob T-shirts. “Uncomfortable” with adulation, Meyer, 34, who lives in Cave Creek, Ariz., with husband Pancho, 35, and three sons, gets it: “If you’re like I was, not in the popular crowd, a little clumsy, you have Bella to identify with.”