November 25, 1991 12:00 PM

THE VARIETY OF PRINCESS STEPHANIE’s beaux knows no bounds—ranging as they have from the spawn of French movie stars (Paul Belmondo, Anthony Delon) to real estate developers (former fiancé Jean-Yves Le Fur) to Hollywood Brats (Rob Lowe). But now the Princess, 26, has found romance closer to home: She has taken up with her former bodyguard, Daniel Ducruet, 27.

Ducruet accompanied Stephanie—who normally divides her time between Los Angeles and Monaco—from August to October on an international tour promoting her second album, Stephanie. And while the critics’ and fans’ reception of her poorly attended concerts was chilly, things offstage were heating up. Even since Ducruet was relieved of his duties last month, the affair seems to have continued.

The romance has also raised eyebrows in Monaco because Martine Malbouvier, 32, a former secretary who was Ducruet’s girlfriend before he took up with Stephanie, is six months pregnant with his child. Meanwhile, Stephanie, who briefly shed her party-girl image to come to the aid of her sister after the death of Caroline’s husband last year, has apparently resumed her rowdy ways. “I thought she might have come back to earth after Stefano died, but now I think she’s as mixed-up as ever,” says one Monaco resident. Her father, Prince Rainier, 68, can hardly be happy with the latest chapter in her erotic saga. But if he’s waiting for an apology from Steph, he should pull up a comfortable chair. The headstrong Princess told Paris Match recently: “I desire to live for the moment, and if I shock people—tough luck.”

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