By People Staff
May 09, 1994 12:00 PM

Her heart, she insists, belongs to the ’50s, “when women were really women.” Supermodel Stephanie Seymour, 25, posed here in a 1955 Dior from her collection of ’50s dresses, does have the cravings of a ’50s carnivore (“I really love red meat”) and a ’50s disdain for exercise (“I don’t believe in women weight lifting”).

That may be, but as Allure magazine declared, her body is “arguably perfect” for the ’90s. Her mind-set, too, is up-to-the-minute. She flaunts barely-there bras and go-for-it garters in the Victoria’s Secret catalog, appeared twice in Playboy and has had a string of suitors that includes Warren Beatty model mogul John Casablancas and—most notoriously—Axl Rose, with whom she’s involved in a legal tangle following the bust-up of their romance last year.

Lately, though, love—not litigation—is on Seymour’s mind. She’s sporting an engagement ring designed (natch) in the ’50s by the French jeweler Sterlé, and she speaks with ’50s-like devotion of her fiancé, 47-year-old Peter Brant, the polo-playing owner of Interview, Antiques and Art in America magazines. “He’s strong, intelligent, sensitive,” she says, “and very masculine.” He’s also married to, though separated from, Sandy, his wife of more than 20 years, and the breakup has been the talk of the jet set. Stephanie and Peter, who share antique-filled homes in Greenwich, Conn., and Palm Beach, Fla., don’t as yet have a wedding date, but they do have a son, 4-month-old Peter Jr. (Stephanie has a 4-year-old son, Dylan, from an early marriage.)

As a youngster herself, Seymour, the middle child of a California real estate-developer father and hairstylist mother, dreamed of becoming an Avon lady. “I used to love the little teeny lipsticks they’d leave at your house,” she says. But instead of ringing doorbells, she’s winning raves. Says photographer Richard Avedon, who shot Seymour for a series of Versace ads: “She combines a perfect body with a dynamite brain and a heart that’s always in the right place.” Her income, too, is in a pretty nice place; she has multimillion-dollar contracts with both Victoria’s Secret and L’Oréal. That should help heal the wounds Seymour suffered when, as a 15-year-old in San Diego (“so skinny and gawky”), she entered Elite Model’s Look of the Year contest—and lost. Failing to win, as well, was a 17-year-old from De Kalb, Ill. Her name was Cindy Crawford.