By Amy Elisa Keith
August 06, 2007 12:00 PM



AGE 39


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AGE 48

When bachelor Mark Philippoussis, 30, met the 13 women vying for his heart on NBC’s Age of Love, he didn’t think any would be old enough to be his mom. But the “cougars” are holding their own against the 20s, even in the many swimsuit episodes. The top three older contestants reveal their diet, workout and bikini tips—and why (with effort) age is nothing but a number.

JAYANNA HOWETON 5’7″, 118 lbs., loan officer. No kids.

DIET: “I’m a grazer. A cup of yogurt, a couple hard-boiled eggs or a couple slices of turkey.”

WORKOUT: Running on the beach.

KNIFE OR NEEDLE: Neither. “I hate needles!” So, never? “Not right now.”

BIKINI 101: “I have real breasts so a halter top pushes ’em up. Also, I’m short-waisted, so I go for the low-rise.”

MARIA RANGEL 5’4″, 115 lbs., photographer. No kids.

DIET: “A shake in the a.m., a good lunch, a shake at night. I lost 15 lbs.!”

WORKOUT: Uses a trainer, plus “I salsa dance, hula hoop—and fire spinning.”

KNIFE OR NEEDLE: “Probably later, when I’m 50, a noninvasive face-lift.”

BIKINI 101: “Boy shorts—I don’t have much butt. Halters are good for women who aren’t big-breasted. Topless is best.”

JENNIFER BRAFF 5’4″, 110 lbs., model & executive assistant to the L.A. Lakers owner. Mother of a son, age 25.

DIET: “Lean protein, fruits and vegetables. My weakness? French fries.”

WORKOUT: Running, core work and “belly dancing. It makes me feel sexy.”

KNIFE OR NEEDLE: “Botox.” Anything else? “I don’t want to say.”

BIKINI 101: “I love ones with side ties; loosen them if you gain a couple pounds.”

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