By People Staff
May 11, 2009 12:00 PM


Age: 35

“It’s a compliment, of course, to be No. 1 on a sexiest list [a recent poll]—but the problem with lists is that one day you’ll be off them. So if you base your self-esteem on that, you’re screwed. I never feel pressure to play that part, but I look at my body like my office—like, I wouldn’t let you come to my office if there were papers and files everywhere, and so I’m going to take care of myself.”


Age: 43

“I think 10 years ago it would have been harder for me to do this picture. But as I’ve gotten older and my life has changed, I wear less makeup. I’m just more comfortable with myself now. My husband gives me confidence, too, because I don’t feel like I have to put makeup on to look beautiful to him. And my kids don’t like makeup at all because when I put it on, they think I’m going to work! To me, a bad face day means a bad night’s sleep. Even makeup doesn’t make you feel better.”


Age: 33

“I’ve heard casting agents say I’m ‘ethnically ambiguous.’ That means I get the parts when they want a little edge and not a cookie-cutter white girl. If I want to look more Asian, I go darker with my hair, or I can go blonde and look more Latin-white. I’m actually half Korean, half Irish-Dutch.”

Age: 30

“I am so glad I’m not a teenager anymore! The hormones have finally chilled out, and I am profoundly grateful. But I do wish I had more hair, because mine is very fine. And a rogue eyebrow can upset me—I’m pretty fastidious about plucking.”

The Girls of 90210


Age: 22

“I’m always having to pinch my cheeks because my face—even when I’m embarrassed—does not flush. Never, ever!”


Age: 21

“I collect wigs. My favorite is a long black one because that’s the cut I would love. But it’s too hard to do with curly hair.”


Age: 20

“When I discovered bronzer in 10th grade, I kind of went to town—I looked like an Oompa-Loompa! But my mother taught me less is more.”


Age: 19

“My hair is my security blanket. A good hair day? I’m on top of the world. Otherwise, I feel a little self-conscious.”

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Age: 23

“People always criticize celebrities, but the silliest thing—and I don’t like to bring it up because it’s so silly—is people saying I am a guy. It’s a joke to me. If you’re taking the time to say negative things, then something’s wrong with you. Being beautiful is all in the attitude. It’s about confidence.”


Age: 38

“Someone once told me you could never be an artist until you get your nose done. And when it’s time to go onstage I think, ‘Shave my nose, shave my nose!’ But now I’m so glad I didn’t listen to them. I feel like I’ve grown into my looks. My mother passed away, and every year that goes by, I see more of her [in me].”

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Age: 23

“When I was younger I had problems with my skin, so as long as my skin is clear, I feel lucky. Getting a pimple sends me back to when I was 13! You know how some girls grow up overweight, and then when they lose weight they still feel self-conscious? Well, I was always skinny—but I have that uncomfortable feeling about my skin.”