By People Staff
October 25, 1993 12:00 PM

Actress Kelly (Three of Hearts) Lynch goes belly-button up in Anna Sui’s $240 ribbed bell-bottoms and crop top.

Someday your Prince will come—but preferably not in the custom-made pajama-wannabes he donned for an L.A. promo in March.

What could be louder than Bernhard’s mouth? The $500 Isaac Mizrahi pants Sandra wore to an August book signing.

The B-52’s Fred Schneider vibrated in Todd Oldham’s carnival stripes at a May AIDS benefit.

Always in a fashion league of her own, Geena Davis striped out at last spring’s Los Angeles premiere of Dave.

For shame, Milan: Porno for Pyros’ Perry Farrell bought this little number in Italy.

Jackie O had just the right slant in the Carolina Herrera suit she wore to a JFK Library ceremony in May.

Lenny Kravitz’s locks aren’t the only things of dread in this profusion of pinstripes he sported for a music fete in London last February.