November 11, 2009 12:00 PM


“Bo loves bubble baths, and that’s something fun I love doing with him when I come off the road. The ‘bubble wig’ and that smile on his face make me laugh! I keep this photo on my phone. It reminds me what I get to come home to.”

Michelle Branch & Owen

“I was filming in Nashville and my husband, Teddy, brought Owen by. She jumped on my lap unaware there were cameras everywhere. Once it dawned on her, she started wiggling like crazy, so I was trying to keep her still so we could get a picture.”

Big Kenny & Lincoln

“Who doesn’t love being upside down and playing a harmonica?” says Big Kenny (with wife Christiev). “That’s my boy! It shows the fun, crazy part of our life.”

Craig Morgan & Alexandra

“This was in Hawaii and was Alexandra’s first ocean dive—the depth was about 90 ft. I was so proud of her! Beautiful AND brave! She’s smart too!”

Darius Rucker & Jack

“Jack always wants to be on my shoulders. In this picture, I see the love I have for my kid and happiness in Jack. My dad wasn’t around at all, and it’s made me make a point to know and love my kids.”

The Jason Michael Carroll clan

“This was taken at the zoo. I love it because it’s our whole family,” says Carroll with, from left, Savanna, Stori, Gavin, wife Wendy and J.W. “Being divorced from the oldest three’s mother, the times we all get together are extra special.”


“This was the night of my son’s birthday during a performance in Dallas. Nearly 20,000 people were there, so I had them sing ‘Happy Birthday.’ ”

Vince Gill & Corrina

“Why is this photo special to me?” says Gill (with wife Amy Grant). “Just look at it! It was taken about three years ago on the farm that Amy and I have in Williamson County, [Tenn.], where we were married.”

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