March 12, 2008 12:00 PM


With fond memories of riding horses as a kid growing up in Albemarle, N.C., the singer decided to finally jump back in the saddle last summer. “It’s the best stress reliever!” says Pickler, 21. “You just put on a pair of jeans, a jacket and some boots, and you’re not worried about that fight you had with your friend. You’re just trying to keep your butt on that horse.”


Six years after starting to play hockey for kicks, Bentley is now in two coed amateur leagues in Nashville: the Iceholes and the Rogue Rats. “I’m a competitive person by nature, and I love sports,” says Bentley, who tries to hit the ice three times a month. “I’ve always loved hockey: It’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s a great workout.” So far the 33-year-old Grammy-nominated singer has been injury-free. “I’m a scrappy player, but I don’t find myself in too many fights,” he says. “The only thing my wife, Cassidy, worries about is me getting into bed after a game without taking a shower.”


Jason Aldean will grab the chance to go fishing any way he can. “Sometimes I’ll pull my truck up to some pond, let the tailgate down and just sit there and hang out,” says the 30-year-old singer and father of two with wife Jessica. Aldean has already taken his older daughter, Keeley, 4, out to cast a line. “She’s got her own pink Disney princess pole,” says Aldean. “The first time she caught a fish, she threw her pole down and started running. But probably the older she gets, the more she won’t be into it, so that’s why it’s fun to take her now.”

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